2018 Legislative Session


The second year of a two-year session for Pennsylvania's General Assembly begins January 22. Pennsylvania's legislators must ensure the Keystone State moves forward with its clean water efforts. 

Clean water priorities include:

Investing in Farmers: Pennsylvania needs to continue its momentum in reducing pollution to its rivers and streams. Adequate levels of financial and technical assistance to Pennsylvania farmers by the Commonwealth is crucial to their installing conservation practices that reduce polluted runoff and improve soil health on farms.

Designating the Eastern Hellbender as PA's State Amphibian: Our Student Leadership Council wrote Senate Bill 658 to officially name the Eastern hellbender as the state amphibian. A hallmark of Pennsylvania's rivers and streams, the hellbender needs cold, clear, swift-running water to survive. But polluted runoff of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment into rivers and streams is degrading the hellbender's habitat and sharply reducing its numbers. CBF will continue to defend hellbender survival and highlight its connection to pristine waters all Pennsylvanians deserve. Senate Bill 658 won Senate approval this fall and now sits in the House State Government Committee awaiting further action.

Lawn Fertilizers: We're supporting legislation introduced by State Senator Alloway (R), Senate Bill 792, to set lawn fertilizer application rates and restrictions. In conjunction with this effort, we're working with legislators and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to ensure that the requirements are consistent with EPA mandates so Pennsylvania can receive credit for these efforts.

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