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The Chesapeake Bay - Something to RAVE About

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CBF partnered with the International League of Conservation Photographers to capture new, never before seen photographs depicting the beauty and the challenges that are affecting  the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The slide show below features several of these exceptional photographs. 

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What is R.A.V.E.? *Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition, a visual and media assessment designed to address the challenges of modern conservation. Find out more about Chesapeake Bay R.A.V.E.

The Chesapeake Bay...Something to R.A.V.E.* About

Over the summer of 2010, CBF teamed up with the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) to highlight the importance of the Chesapeake Bay through photographs, video, and stories from across the watershed—from Cooperstown, New York to southwestern Virginia.

The project resulted in hundreds of stunning photographs depicting the beauty and the challenges that are affecting the Chesapeake Bay watershed. You will be seeing them in future web pages and publications.

What is iLCP?
iLCP's mission is to further environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography. Through R.A.V.E.s—Rapid Assessment Visual Expeditions—iLCP uses awe-inspiring photography as a powerful force for the environment, especially when paired with the collaboration of committed scientists, politicians, religious leaders, and policy makers. Through photography, video, and storytelling, iCP wants to replace environmental indifference with a new culture of stewardship and passion for our beautiful planet.

For the "Chesapeake Bay R.A.V.E.," ten world-class professional photographers volunteered their time to travel the watershed and visually document their experiences.

Meet the

iLCP Photographers:

In Their Words

The photographers' blog...

Garth Lenz
Throughout the summer, we re-published blog posts the photographers had published on iLCP's blog "Exposure." You can read them all on the CBF blog here or, individually, below.

July 20, 2010
Tripods in the Mud, Dragon Run
Justin Black

July 27, 2010
Direct from the Field, Krista Schlyer's Chesapeake Bay RAVE Video Blog
August 5, 2010
Morgan Heim in Virginia Beach 
August 10, 2010
Documenting Abandoned Mines and Their Impact on Water
Miguel Angel de la Cueva
August 26, 2010
Middle-Aged Tarzans Hurtling Into the James? What Are They Thinking?
Krista Schlyer
September 8, 2010
From Humble Beginnings
Neil Ever Osborne
September 9, 2010
Changing the Landscape
Neil Ever Osborne
September 10, 2010
Hunting for Hellbenders
Neil Ever Osborne
September 13, 2010 
Last Day
Neil Ever Osborne 

News Coverage

09.11.10 - Artists Hope Images of Susquehanna River Life Capture Lawmakers' Attention
09.03.10 - Watershed Snapshot
09.02.10 - Team of Photographers Documents Chesapeake Watershed
08.30.10 - Chesapeake Bay Gets Ready for a Close-up
08.30.10 - A Picture's Worth 1000 Words: Protecting PA's Chesapeake Watershed
08.21.10 - Taking Their Best Shots
08.16.10 - RAVE Photographic Expedition Thru the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
Miguel Angel
de la Cueva
Octavio Aburto
Morgan Heim
Krista Schlyer
Neil Ever
 Jay Fleming
Guest Photographers:
Justin Black,
iLCP Executive Director
Karine Aigner,
iLCP Affiliate

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