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Guardian of the Bay
The old Cape Henry Lighthouse, Virginia Beach, VA. Photo by Eddie Weindel/

"The Bay is like a far off planet that most disregard and use as a means of self indulgences. Walking the varied shorelines in search of images . . . I find blight that takes me to a better self understanding and the role I play in the world. I find bottles, cans, clothes, plastics, and all other unwanted things tossed aside from the users of the Bay. I wonder where each of these items traveled from. Was it by mishap? Was it intentional? Did the last person to see these items understand the meaning of what they where doing?

Yorktownshoreline". . . I wish that someday we may take images of these things, the things that break the beauty of the Bay . . . [These images] will win no awards, but if it stops one person from tossing things into the Bay and its wonderful flowing streams and rivers, it will have done it's job. [Therefore, I'm including] in my submission a image I took at Yorktown, by far one of the cleanest shorelines I have seen to date, and still this was present . . ."

--Eddie Weindel

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