Photo of the Week: Reedville Sunrise


Photo by Louis Reichbauer.

This photo was taken in Reedville in early October . . .When I was younger you didn't see too many [kayaks] around the Bay, but I'm noticing more of them now. They're a great way to explore the little coves and tributaries that are a huge part of the Bay's wildlife. They can get you places you just normally can't go with a powerboat or even on foot.

The Bay to me is almost like an environmental thermometer for the states of Maryland and Virginia. I'm only 26-years-old, and I remember going to the Bay every weekend to visit my grandparents. There was a time we were able to grab oysters by the bucketfull just by wading out a little bit and poking around with shovels and dirt rakes. Now they are a little harder to come by, and from what I hear they need to be farmed/seeded. The same thing seems to have happened with blue crabs. The real shocker is this change has happened in my lifetime; not over multiple generations, but within my 26 years.

The Bay is a very scenic and beautiful place on the surface and in photographs, but the long-time fisherman, crabbers, and oyster farmers might have a different perspective. To sum up what the bay means to me: It would be oysters, blue crab, rockfish, and bonfires. It is an enjoyable place for people to relax and vacation, but more importantly, it is a natural resource that needs to be protected by groups like CBF.

--Louis Reichbauer

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