Photo of the Week: Buddy on the Bay

IMG_0679This was taken in Drum Point in Calvert County, Maryland. My lab, Buddy, can lift tree branches in his mouth that I can't lift with two hands!

My childhood days on the Bay were filled with crabbing, fishing, and swimming at "The Pier." Many of my summer evenings were enjoyed with my father, fishing on his boat out by Thomas Point Lighthouse.

During the late 60s we could catch several dozen crabs just by scooping them up off of the pilings in the harbor and along the jetties. I can remember having a crab basket tied around my waist and a crab net in my hand and wading in the shallow waters to catch soft crabs. The water was so clear back then. During the deep freeze of winter we would ice skate on the harbor or "The Swamp" and have bonfires. 

The Chesapeake provided such peace and comfort for me just by sitting and staring at its vast waters. At age 14, [we moved away from the waters] I loved and held dear to my heart. For nine years I lived in several places away from the Bay, feeling misplaced. At 24, I moved back to the shores of the Chesapeake after the birth of my first child. Once again I felt at peace watching the sunrise over the Bay and watching my three children playing on the beach, learning to swim and fish, and hunting for sharks' teeth.

Today, I am content, yet part of me is very sad because I know my Chesapeake is sick. I fear my future grandchildren won't be able to swim in it or enjoy eating the bounty that comes from it. Many of you understand this personal connection to the Chesapeake Bay, and we all have our own stories to tell. Please join me in making a vow to do everything we can to help save our treasured friend, the Chesapeake.

--Jody Miller

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