Photo of the Week: What Is a Saved Bay Worth?

PhotoOfTheWeekPhoto by Bill Portlock/CBF Staff.

Just this week we released a groundbreaking new report that examines the economic benefits of restoring our Bay and its rivers and streams throughout the entire Chesapeake region.

In short, the numbers are staggering. The report found that when the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint--the plan to restore the Bay--is fully implemented, the economic benefits the Bay and its waters provide will total $130 billion annually. And that's a $22 billion increase each year from what it is now! Ummm . . . Wow.    

Of course we've all known for years that a healthier environment means a healthier economy and way of life (think cleaner water, more fish, better flood protection, etc.), but these latest, hard-eyed numbers drive home the point even more: Cleaning up the Bay is worth the investment!  

So take a look, spread the word, and let's get that Bay Saved!

 --Emmy Nicklin, CBF's Senior Manager of Digital Media

Emmy Nicklin



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