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Bands in the Sand  Logo: Bands in the Sand 2016

Saturday, June 11, 2016
5:00 p.m.-10:30 p.m.

"Committed to the Bay" Committee

By joining the committee you pay a little more for your ticket but your added donation goes to support CBF's programs of advocacy, education, restoration, and litigation to continue our mission to Save the Bay™. In return you get your name listed on the invitation, on the website and on the committee poster, as well as a coveted on-site parking pass and an invite to the Bands in the Sand Kick Off Party in the spring.

The Boatyard Bar and Grill and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation are proud to introduce the 2016 Bands in the Sand "Committed to the Bay" Committee. 

2016 Committee Co-Chairs

Dick Franyo

Craig Friedrich

Jonathan & Marnie Kagan

Lisa Kahan


Cullen Murray

Ramsey Poston

Tracey Shushan


2016 Committee

Tina and Champe Andrews
Dr. Gil Armiger *
Mayer and Will Baker
Judy and Jim Belliveau
Georgie and Ted Berkinshaw
Sheree and Kelly Bjornerud
Anne and Jim Bolduc
Kathleen and John Booth
Michele and Keith Bouchard *
Peggy and John Brock
Sandy and Bill Brock
Julie and Gavin Buckley
Jessica and Brandt Butcher
Missy and Frank Campbell
Drs. Justin Cashman and Kelly Sullivan
Niecy and Jim Chambers *
Hamilton Chaney
Katie and Kevin Cooke
Marie Dall'Acqua
Dorothy and Dick D'Amato
Lynne and Brad Davidson *
Trish and Mike Davis *
Christy and Dean D'Camera
Vanessa and Alex de Capitani
Jennifer and Sean Degnan
Jerilyn and Dennis Deitch
Carol and Frank DePew
Bill and Mary Jo Dickinson
Chip DiPaula *
Joan and Bud Duckett
Drs. Praveen and Claire Duggal
Katherine and Jib Edwards *
Lorraine and Jim Ellerson
Matt Evans
Moe Farley
Donna Gilbert and Steve Faust
Laure and Todd Fisher
Kristin and Tom Fleckenstein
Staci and Rick Foster
Georgie and Dick Franyo *
Lorraine and Keith Fraser
Craig and Rob Friedrich *
Chris and Bob Friend
Christine and David Gendell
Danielle and Jim Gibbons
Katherine and Robert Goode
Carrie and Mark Grimes
Eric Groft
Carolyn and Chris Groobey *
Lynne and Larry Harding
Anne Harrington and William Storey
Cathie Herrick and Kevin Elion
Kimberly and Michael Hilliard
Drs. Henery and Pichada Honick
The Holden Group of Long & Foster Real Estate
Drs. Tripp and Mara Holton
Carolyn and David Houck
Sarah and Christopher Hughes
Shelley and Terry Hutchinson *
Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard, Inc. *
Denise and Barry Jackson
Marnie and Jonathan Kagan *
Lisa and Brian Kahan
Sherrie and Tom Kelley

  Liza and Camp Kilcolin
Beth and Hank Kilmer
Kristen and Ab Krall *
Michelle LaRose *
Nancy and Doug Lashley
Alice and Harry Legum
Linda and Stephen Leibert
Katie and David Levy *
Eva and Tarry Lomax
Elise and Hugh Marbury
Byron Marchant *
Sarah and Milford Marchant
Knar Mardirossian
Manelle and Peter Martino
Rachel McGuckian
Katie and Robert McKinstry
Steve McManus
Maggie and Vollie Melson
Emily Mills
Kim and Eric Milton
Gretchen and Keith Misner
Ailsa and Cullen Murray *
Mary T. and Jim Myers
Barbara and Dick Neville
Terry & Kathy O'Donovan
Rachel and Jim O'Hare *
Kristen and Nels Olson *
Liz and Mark Ordan
Katherine and Preben Ostberg
Dr. Norm and Jeanine Ove
Stephanie and Kent Pagoota
Dr. Chad and Eloise Patton
Dr. Ben and Kristen Petre
Sarah and Dan Phelps *
Ramsey Poston *
Traci and Crae Ramsey
Allyson and Bruce Reiter
George S. Rich Family Foundation *
Annabelle and Brian Sailer
Shannon and Mike Saldi
Dan and Sara Sandel
Steve Schuh
Vernon L. Sheen, DMD
Dr. Alex and Tracey Shushan
John Sindler
Erin and Devinder Singh
Meg and HJ Smith
Patty and Mike Smith *
Jill and Rick Springer
Jonathan Steele
Janet and Harvey Stein
Patty and Greg Stevenson
Jan and Neil Sullivan
Jan and Glenn Sutton
Cardie Templeton
Juli and Ted Tompkins
Christine and George Turner
Vicki and Mike Wallace *
Day and Alan Weitzman
Julie and Craig White
Frieda and Jim Wildey
Anne and Leo Wilson
Pam Wilson and Dick Barnard
Jean Zajac *


* Seagull

last updated 4/21/16

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