21 States Against A Clean Chesapeake

21 States Oppose Clean Water for Chesapeake Bay States

The American Farm Bureau Federation and Fertilizer Institute have recruited 21 states from across the country to support their efforts to derail Chesapeake Bay restoration. Together, they're seeking to overturn the recent ruling which declared the science-based pollution limits and the cleanup plan legal.

The 21 states involved are Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

On February 4, 2014, the states filed an amici ("friend of the court") brief supporting the agricultural lobbyist groups' appeal of the September 2013 ruling by Pennsylvania Federal Judge Sylvia Rambo. The ruling affirmed that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), working with the states, has the authority to set science-based water pollution limits. In fact, she heralded the interaction between the federal government and the states as cooperative federalism at its best.

The Chesapeake Bay states have worked with the federal government to develop a Blueprint for clean water in local rivers, streams, and the Chesapeake Bay. And it is working. Hard-working farmers, businesses, and individuals are working together to make our rivers and streams safer, improve habitat, protect human health, and strengthen local economies.

According to their amicus brief, these 21 states are concerned that if the Blueprint works here, other watersheds—like the Mississippi River Basin— "could be next." And they have every reason to be concerned. A recent review of the EPA's National Water Quality Assessment Report indicates these states face their own serious water quality issues.

Add your name to our petition. Tell Alaska, Utah, Montana, Kansas, and the other 17 states backing these lobbyists: Don't tell us how to restore clean water in our backyard!

In the News

American Farm Bureau Road Apples
02.28.14 - Bay Daily
“It's not about whether EPA can set a total pollutant load—it's about whether EPA can dictate which land can be farmed, or where homes, schools and roads can be built." Bay Daily is here to say...BUNK! Nowhere in the Bay Blueprint (TMDL) is EPA given such authority. Read more

Support of Chesapeake Lawsuit Draws Thousands of Petition Signatures
02.27.14 - DelmarvaNow
Three weeks after 21 states signed on to a lawsuit challenging the Environmental Protection Agency's Chesapeake Bay pollution limits, more than 25,000 people have signed a petition condemning the suit. Read more

AG Zoeller Co-Authors Amicus Brief Challenging Chesapeake Bay Cleanup
02.26.14 - Indiana Law Blog
Although Attorney General Zoeller is concerned about Asian Carp in the Wabash, he is challenging a plan crafted by US EPA and the Chesapeake Bay watershed states to save the Bay. Read more

Why Are MI and IN GOP Trying to Wreck Cleanup of Chesapeake Bay?
02.26.14 - RedGreenandBlue.org
The Chesapeake Bay is worlds away from the freshwater Great Lakes, yet that hasn't stopped the attorneys general of Michigan and Indiana from inserting themselves into a legal battle there and siding with opponents of a plan to clean up the Chesapeake. Read more

Indiana Joins Suit Seeking to Halt EPA-led Plan to Clean Up Chesapeake Bay
02.26.14 - The Indiana Lawyer
If Indiana and other states without a direct stake in the Chesapeake Bay have their way, the cleanup hashed out between bay states and the Environmental Protection Agency will be stopped. Read more

Clean Water vs. 21 Dirty States
02.26.14 - The Virginian-Pilot
It's not enough that 21 states have polluted their creeks and rivers—their political leaders now want to keep other states from cleaning up their own waters. Read more

Midwest States Fighting Successful Bay Efforts Lest They Have to Clean Up Their Waters
02.23.14 - Bay Journal
Twenty-one state attorneys general filed a "friend of the court" brief in a federal appeals court seeking to derail the Chesapeake Bay restoration effort. While that is absurd, it is also a tribute to the decades of work that has led to the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint. Read more

States Join Farm Bureau Appeal of 'Pollution Diet'
02.21.14 - Cecil Whig
The American Farm Bureau, backed up by attorney generals from 21 states, is appealing a September decision in a federal court case that upheld the legality of the federal and state efforts to restore water quality in the Bay. Read more

A 21-Buffoon Salute
02.19.14 - The Free Lance-Star
Attorneys general from 21 states have gotten in bed with the American Farm Bureau and other lobby Goliaths, like the National Pork Producers, to try to derail the Bay cleanup program. Lured by the appeal of environmental fear-mongering, the thrill of counterproductive partisan politics, or perhaps just the smell of bacon, these 21 legal stewards are saying that if the Bay cleanup is allowed to succeed, they may have to take similar positive steps in their states. Read more

Bondi's Duties Elsewhere?
02.17.14 - Pensacola News Journal
Fellow Northwest Floridian taxpayers, it is our fiscally conservative Floridian duty to inform you that your Floridian tax dollars are being dumped on an out-of-state effort that has nothing to do with, well, Florida. In the latest misadventure of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, her Florida-funded salary has been put toward work way up north in Chesapeake Bay, more than a 14-hour-drive from Tallahassee. Read more

Fray Over the Bay
02.13.14 - Daily Press
Attorneys general from 21 states opposing the Chesapeake Bay cleanup have expressed concern that this initiative could potentially lead to the EPA taking similar aim at other polluted waterways.  Read more

O'Malley Wants Maryland to Take EPA's Side in Bay Pollution Case
02.13.14 - Bay Journal
Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley has asked state Attorney General Douglas Gansler to file a brief defending the Chesapeake Bay pollution diet from a legal challenge by agricultural groups, saying, "As we continue to make great strides in restoring and protecting the Chesapeake Bay, it is critical that we protect our hard-won progress." Read more

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21 States Against A Clean Chesapeake

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