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28th Annual
Clean the Bay Day
Saturday, June 4, 2016
9:00 a.m.–Noon 
*Some locations have different clean-up days.

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Volunteers all over Virginia, from Hampton Roads to Northern Virginia, from the Eastern Shore to the Shenandoah Valley, work by land and boat to give the Bay a massive spring cleaning every year. Elected officials, their staffs, enlisted men and women, scout groups, churches, small businesses, large corporations and thousands of individuals and families will turn out for this year's Clean the Bay DayTwenty-eight years strong, Clean the Bay Day is a true Virginian tradition and an annual opportunity for the whole family, office, civic or church group—anyone!to give back to local waterways.

This short three-hour annual event has a massive cumulative impact. Since 1989, Clean the Bay Day has engaged over 140,000 volunteers, who have removed approximately 6.2 million pounds of debris from nearly 6,500 miles of shoreline in Virginia! 

Signing up for Clean the Bay Day is easy. Look over the list of areas with clean-up sites, choose your locality and then register yourself or your group. From there, your information is sent to a Clean the Bay Day partner near you. You will then be assigned to a specific clean up location. When you show up that day, just come prepared to help pick up litter and debris! All clean-up supplies will be provided on site. 

Would you like to host a cleanup in your area? Becoming a partner and bringing Clean the Bay Day to your area has never been easier! Call or email: 757-622-1964,

While litter is easily prevented and can be picked up by anyone on any given morning, tackling the major unseen threats to the Bay watershed, like habitat loss, sediment and nutrient pollution, require broad and focused support. Clean the Bay Day often performs as a gateway program through which children and adults alike embrace environmental stewardship of their waterways. We hope you will help us in our mission to Save the Bay™ by learning more about the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint, our best and perhaps only chance to finally restore and protect the Bay and her rivers and streams. 

Clean the Bay Day is a model for cooperation: The program is built on lasting relationships between dozens of cities and counties, non-profits, military installations, small businesses and large corporations. On Clean the Bay Day, we all come together with families, individuals, church groups, and elected officials from local, state and federal levels for a common cause: clean water.

We would like to thank all of the volunteers, partners, and sponsors that make this event such a stellar success each year. 
On behalf of CBF, and all the Virginia waterways leading to the Bay, 
Thank You.

27th Annual Clean the Bay Day in Review 
Saturday, June 6, 2015
Approximately 6,000 volunteers
removed roughly 105,000 pounds of harmful debris
from approximately 275 sites 
along more than 450 miles of streams and shoreline…
all in just three hours!

You can continue to save the Bay throughout the year by becoming a better Bay steward at home. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Speak out! Let your voice be heard regarding important legislation affecting our Chesapeake Bay and rivers. Write or call your senators and congressional representative, urging them to vote in an environmentally responsible way.
  2. Use natural cleaners—use natural, non-toxic, phosphate-free cleaners like baking soda or borax with hot water for most household cleaning tasks. You'll be reducing toxic chemicals in wastewater while saving money.
  3. Reduce fertilizer use—always get a soil test first to be sure what your lawn requires; use fertilizer sparingly, and only when necessary. Excessive fertilizers contribute to nitrogen and phosphorous overload in rivers and the Bay, which can lead to low oxygen levels and dead zones.
  4. Remember "Only rain in storm drains"—allow only rain to go down the storm drain and use a broom not a hose or power blower, to clean debris from decks, patios and driveways. You'll save water, reduce emissions, and curb stormwater runoff.
  5. Practice Bay-friendly car care—take your vehicle to a commercial car wash or wash your car on an unpaved surface with phosphate-free soap so water soaks into the ground, not into the storm drain.
  6. Reduce rainwater runoff—direct rainwater away from paved surfaces; direct gutter downspouts onto lawn or flower beds, or into a rain barrel.

For more ideas visit the More Things You Can Do section of this website.

If you would like more information about Clean the Bay Day, including sponsorship opportunities, please send an e-mail to


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