Profiles: Operations & Administration

Tom Ackerman
Vice President of Education

Field Programs

Teacher Professional Learning

Deidra Floyd

Amy Green


Education Operations


Paul Willey

Claire Jaeger
Assistant Director of Education Operations

Joellen Shallcross
Manager of Education Operations

Sheree Ruhl
Education Operations Coordinator


Cindy Ryder
Education Operations Coordinator

Caitlin Youngk
Education Operations Coordinator

Shaigh Sisk
Education Administratiive Assistant



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What does the Bay, its rivers and streams mean to you? What impact have the Bay and its local waters had on your life? We'd like to know.

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Do you enjoy working with others to help clean the Chesapeake Bay? Do you have a few hours to spare? Whether growing oysters, planting trees, or helping in our offices, there are plenty of ways you can contribute.