CBF Osprey Tracking Project

Port Isobel Environmental Education Center, Tangier Island, Va.

Our map is loading...Please be patient...these birds are very active so it may take a minute or so to download all their travel data...


On Movebank select the information icon icon to access the download (details) menu.


This map automatically zooms to a level that will show all of the data points currently available for the birds' travels. As the birds fly farther the territory shown will increase.

About the Data: GSM data for these birds is recorded every few minutes. To download a spreadsheet of the GSM data, use the links in the map key.

Navigate: Click and drag the map to pan or use the arrow toggle in the upper left corner.

Zoom: Drag the zoom slider up or down to zoom in or out incrementally. Double-click a location to zoom in on that location.

Layers: Select the Map or Satellite layer to change the view. When you mouse over the Satellite button an option will appear to show Labels (location and road names).

To view data for a particular bird:

  1. Click on the colored track. You will see a black-outlined circle appear at the closest location with recorded data.
  2. Click on the circle for an information bubble showing the bird's name, date, time, and latitude and longitude recorded at that time. You will also see the date change in the calendar at the top center of the map.
  3. Click and drag the circle to see data for other locations on the trail.

As a rule of thumb, use the map to gain a general understanding of the birds' activities, and download the GSM data for specifics.

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