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Actions and Projects

Looking for actions or projects that help the Bay? Use these ideas and resources!

Starter Level Actions

One-time actions you can do every day

Sink and faucet. Photo freely licensed. Student holding litter. Photo credit CBF Staff. Student group meeting. Photo credit CBF Staff.
Turn off water while brushing teeth. Pick up litter. Attend a green club meeting.
Show a local stream to friends. Dispose of a household chemical properly. Carpool one day.
Compost leftover food. Save electricity: turn off a light. Buy a used product.
Print double-sided. Recycle a soda can. Other action ideas? Share them!

Intermediate Level Actions

Smaller projects that can be done with available resources and a friend

Oval image of students filming. Photo credit CBF Staff.

"Save" written in light. Photo credit Collin Kroh.Photo by student Collin Kroh

Student taking a survey. Photo credit Brantley Bissette.Photo by student Brantley Bissette

Make a video about taking action. See some videos. Create an artistic project about Saving the Bay. Conduct an educational survey about a Bay problem. One student's example.
Make a small campaign out of a Starter Level action (i.e. "Save Water Week") Start a green club. Read a student's club advice. Recycle leftover oyster shell with CBF. Learn how.
Write an op-ed about the Bay in your school paper or local Patch. Create a blog about a Bay issue. Other action ideas? Share them!

Advanced Level Actions

Projects that need extra planning, helpers, and materials

Students with rain barrel. Photo credit CBF Staff. Trash in nature. Photo credit CBF Staff.

student wave,tree plantingPhoto by student Alyssa Morris

Install a rain barrel. Organize a stream cleanup. Plant trees as streamside buffers.
Stencil on storm drains. Oyster gardening with CBF in Maryland or Virginia. Fix bare spots in your yard.
Build your own rain garden. Hold a Bay Day or an environmental fair. Other project ideas? Share them!

Other Awesome Resources

CBF Buy Fresh Buy Local website.
Chesapeake Bay Foundation

More Things You Can Do At Home, In Your Yard, Buy Fresh Buy Local.

Alliance for the Bay stormwater projects website..
Alliance for the Bay

Instructions for projects that reduce stormwater.

Chesapeake Bay Program how to's and tips website.
Chesapeake Bay Program

How To's and Tips.

Past Contests and Campaigns

Oval image of My Bay Blueprint flyer.

Action Campaign: #MyBayBlueprint

Students made their own personal blueprint plans of actions to Save the Bay, then tagged photos when doing an action to earn recognition.


Photo of water splashing in tub.Photo by CBF Staff

Photo Contest: Splashdance

Students texted a photo of splashing water to illustrate polluted runoff. Winners received an iPad mini or CBF gear.


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