Flyer for My Bay Blueprint student action campaign.



Facebook: visit Facebook's #MyBayBlueprint feed.




Lists of actions students plan to take.


  • Green Club at Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts
  • Charlotte Jeanne, Bryn Mawr School
  • Trevon Manning, Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts
  • James Ouzts, Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts
  • Victor Coates, Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts
  • Charles Thomas, Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts
  • Corlando Williams, Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts
  • Nanyamka Anderson, Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts
  • Matt Shaffer, Richland High School
  • Elijah Metzgar, Richland High School

Projects and actions done by students so far include: green morning announcements, distributed green products to teachers, installed and labeled recycle bins, watering plants with rain barrel, carpooling, showing a nearby creek to friends, saving 3 gallons of water while brushing teeth, researching where to buy local produce, short shower, switching to reusable water bottles, attending daily green club meetings, turned off lights, picked up by a river, and more!


Have one person email studentwave@cbf.org with:

  • Name, class, club, and school name
  • Mailing address
  • Evidence of your posts (links or screenshots, or a class hashtag)



As a class or club

As an individual

Starter Level Actions



Intermediate Level Action Projects



Advanced Level Action Projects



**If you are doing an Advanced Level action project, let us know by emailing studentwave@cbf.org because we want to find ways to highlight and recognize your work beyond an Action Certificate!


CBF socks, a certificate, and Save the Bay stickers.

Class or Club:

  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation Student Wave Action Certificate
  • 25 "Save the Bay" stickers


  • Personal CBF Student Wave Action Certificate
  • 1 pair of CBF socks


STARTER Level - Simple actions in your daily life. Examples:

  • Save water (turn off water while brushing teeth, water lawns properly, etc)
  • Join your school's green club
  • Find your local stream or creek, show it to some friends
  • Don't litter, pick up trash when you see it
  • Dispose of houshold chemicals properly
  • Drive less (carpool, ride a bike)
  • Compost a meal's leftover food, or leave no SLOP (Stuff Left On Plate)
  • Save electricity (turn off lights and other electronics when not in use)
  • Buy used products
  • Save paper (print double sided, recycle)

INTERMEDIATE Level - Small projects that can be done with easily available tools. Examples:

  • Make a small campaign out of a Starter Level action (i.e. "Save Water Week")
  • Start a green club. Read about one successful club.
  • Make a video about taking action or Bay issues. Example videos.
  • Conduct an educational survey about Bay issues. One student's example.
  • Create a blog about a Bay issue
  • Recycle leftover oyster shell with CBF. Learn how.
  • Write an op-ed about the Bay in your school paper, or patch.
  • Create an artistic project about the Bay (painting, song, etc)

ADVANCED Level - Large projects that take a combination of planning, time, money, multiple people, or extra permission. Examples:

 More Actions and How To's



For the Action Plan Photo (the written-out list of actions that we plan to do, not the social media posts) how do we email that to CBF?
Either a student, a teacher, a club advisor, or a CBF educator can email the picture of your list to studentwave@cbf.org

After posting actions on social media, how do we email CBF to show that our class or club has posted 15 actions?
Either a student or teacher can email studentwave@cbf.org and tell us your school name, class or club name, and include links or screenshots of the posts.


Do I need to post the same action on all three accounts - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?
No, you only need to post each action once, and you can choose which account to post on.

How do I find CBF Student Wave on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

  • facebook.com/CBFStudentWave
  • Twitter: @CBFStudentWave
  • Instagram: CBFStudentWave

CBF also has a general, non-student Facebook and Twitter. But to hear about student-specific opportunities, follow the CBF Student Wave accounts.

What if, for example, I only have an Instagram account, and not a Facebook or Twitter?
That's ok, you only need to post on one account. Just be sure to tag posts with #MyBayBlueprint.

What if I'm not on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?
If you can't sign up for an account, then ask a friend to post for you. Alternatively, when your class emails us with your 15 actions, include photos or descriptions of the actions that you took in the email. The goal of #MyBayBlueprint is not just for you to take action, but for groups of students to take actions together and make public social statements that you are acting to help Save the Bay.


What if we are doing difficult actions or bigger projects? Installing 15 rain barrels is way harder than turning off the faucet 15 times.
Doing one difficult project can qualify on its own for Action Certificate recognition. See the opposite side of this sheet for information.

If one student posts five actions, will they count as five out of the 15 actions for the class?
Yes, but each type of action needs to be different. For instance, three posts from the same student about saving water while brushing teeth would count as only one action out of the 15. But if the same student made separate posts about saving water, composting, and picking up litter, that would count as three out of the 15. The max number of posts a student can do to count toward a class certificate is 7.

Can our class or club post more than 15 actions?
Of course! We encourage it!

Does this mean that to get recognized, each student in our class has to post 15 actions? With 20 students (for example), that’s 300 actions!
Nope, just 15 actions total.

Can all of us post the same kind of action, like if 15 students each posts about how they saved water while brushing their teeth?
Yes. That would count as 15 actions and we would award you the certificate and stickers.

Can one student post 15 times to get our class the certificate and stickers?
No. The Action Certificate is meant as a group award, so it needs to be multiple students posting. (But if one student posts seven different actions, we will recognize them and award them a pair of CBF socks!)

If a student posts 7 different actions to get the personal certificate and socks, do those 7 actions also count toward the class’s 15 actions?
Yes, but the max number of different actions from one student that would count for a class-wide Action Certificate is seven.

I have an action idea that's not listed. Does it count?
Yes, as long as it relates to Saving the Bay. The flyer and website only list some common suggestions.

What if two different classes at the same school each do 15 actions, can each class get separate recognition and deliveries of stickers?
Yes, as long as each class does not have the same group of students (i.e. 1st period biology and 2nd period biology could both get recognized.)


I'm not in high school, can I participate?
You can certainly take action and post about it! However, the action certificates and socks and stickers will only be given out to high school classes, clubs or students.  CBF Student Wave has limited resources and is focusing on assisting high school students right now.

We have 30 students in our class, 25 stickers won't be enough for everyone!
Unfortunately, we have limited supplies. The good news is, we may have future opportunities to win stickers or socks for taking action, so sign up with CBF Student Wave to hear about them!

Other questions, email studentwave@cbf.org


1-888-SAVEBAY / 1-888-728-3229

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