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Volunteers prepare tree seedlings for planting. Photo by CBF StaffPhoto by CBF Staff

Self-Led Student Action Projects

Cover: Fix Your Schoolyard Bare SpotsFix Your Schoolyard Bare Spots (12 pages, three-color, Adobe PDF, 1.2M) Bare spots are places where vegetation (such as plants, shrubs, grasses, flowers) no longer exists in the soil. Bare spots come in all shapes and sizes. The outcome of having any type of bare spot is the same: storm water hits the ground and is not able to soak in to the land. Use this step-by-step guide to fix the bare spots in your school or home yard.

Cover: Build Your Own Rain BarrelBuild Your Own Rain Barrel (4 pages, three-color, Adobe PDF, 612K) Capture rain water from downspouts to reduce runoff and have a water source during droughts using this easy step-by-step guide in how to build and install Rain Barrels.

Cover: Build Your Own Rain GardenBuild Your Own Rain Garden (8 pages, three-color, Adobe PDF, 627K) Add colorful habitat to your school ground while keeping sediment from choking local streams by using this easy step-by step guide in how to create a Rain Garden.

Storm Drain Stenciling ��� Many people are not aware that most storm drains lead directly to waterways that dump into the Bay. You can help clean up the Bay by stenciling a message that will help members of your community remember that nothing but rain water should enter the storm drains. Storm drains are not trash cans: whatever is dumped into them ends up in the Chesapeake Bay. Learn more about how to participate in this important project.

Create a Schoolyard Habitat

Download our Schoolyard Habitat Kit (all files are Adobe PDF documents):

CBF Volunteer Opportunities

Depending on the season CBF's local offices have a wide range of volunteer activites available from tree planting to oyster restoration projects. See what's available in your area.

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Do you enjoy working with others to help clean the Chesapeake Bay? Do you have a few hours to spare? Whether growing oysters, planting trees, or helping in our offices, there are plenty of ways you can contribute.