Bountiful share from Clagett Farm. Photo by Fred DelventhalA bountiful week's share from Clagett Farm. Photo by Fred Delventhal

Membership Privileges


All CSA members are welcome to the farm at any time to visit, to help, or to harvest as much as they want from the items on our "you-pick" list. The "you-pick" list tends to include items that are difficult to include in shares, such as flowers and herbs, and any vegetables we have in abundance that week, such as tomatoes or kale.

Missed Shares

Any member who cannot make it to their regular pick-up site and day may double the share before or after the missed one, or they may come to one of our other pick-ups within seven days before or after the missed one.  No advanced notice is necessary.

For example, if a member forgets to pick up their share at Dupont on a Wednesday, they might choose to pick up a double share the following Wednesday. Or if a member who ordinarily picks up on Wednesdays at the farm knows they will be out of town, they can pick up their share on the Saturday before the one they will miss. Any vegetables that are not picked up at the end of the evening will be donated the following day to a local soup kitchen, so even if members do not "make up" the share they missed, it is certainly not wasted. 

Changing Pick-up Sites

Any member may change pick-up sites or days during the season, with the exception that we have limited space at Dupont. So members who sign up for Farm pick-up may pick up a maximum of 6 shares at Dupont over the course of the season. But if a member signs up for Farm Saturday and wants to change to Farm Wednesday, they can do so at any time, temporarily or for the rest of the season. Likewise if someone wants to change from Dupont to Farm pick-up, they may do so. No advanced notice is necessary. If it is a permanent change, we simply ask that you tell us so we can change our check-off list. 

Farm Updates

Every week, usually by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesdays, we will post a list of what is in the share that afternoon and the following Saturday on our  Clagett Farm blog.  Shareholders can sign up to have these posts sent to their e-mail address.   We also post news from the farm, photos, and recipes. 


Join us for the Spring Meet 'n' Greet and our Fall Festival, which are free. It's a great opportunity to meet the staff, fellow members, and get a hay ride to visit the cows. Watch the CBF event calendar for details.

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