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No Child Left Inside
*The NCLI Coalition extends its thanks to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection for the use of "No Child Left Inside."

Take Action

United States CapitolIf you or your organization agree that a strong and unbiased foundation in environmental issues will be crucial to the future citizens of our country, please:

*Contact your members of Congress and let them know how important environmental education is to the future of the community.

*Add your organization to our growing list of NCLI Coalition members. To do so, register your organization here.

*Publish a story about No Child Left Inside in your organization's newsletter, on your website, or elsewhere. Feel free to use our sample story.

*Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Tell them how important environmental education and outdoor learning are to you, your family, and your community.

*Check back with this website for updates about NCLB.

Co-Sponsors for NCLI 2009

Encourage your legislators to co-sponsor the No Child Left Behind Act of 2009!  Click here to contact your Congressperson.

Visiting Your Legislators
Use these documents to help answer questions or spark conversation when you contact your representatives. Click the titles below (Adobe pdf files) in order to view and print the documents.

One pager of NCLI facts
Q & A

We have generated strong bipartisan support for this legislation thanks to the efforts of individuals like you. Help spread the word by forwarding this to friends and family and sharing a link through your social networks -- Facebook and Twitter.


Click here to learn more about NCLI Days. We encourage you to host an event in your home town.

Letter from NCLI Coalition to President-Elect Obama

The NCLI Coalition sent a letter to the Obama team in December. "As you set your incoming administration’s agenda for creating a new green economy, protecting the environment, and improving the education and health of our nation’s youth, the No Child Left Inside Coalition - representing more than 40 million Americans - is confident you can make progress in all these arenas by embracing the No Child Left Inside Act (NCLI)." Click here to read the entire letter.

Keep the momentum going! Invite local businesses, schools, and special interest groups to join the coalition. Click here to access the invitation to join.