Common Ground—Saving the Chesapeake's Oysters

This video documents the rise and fall of the oyster in the Bay and on innovative efforts by Chesapeake Bay Foundation and its partners to bring the oyster back to sustainable levels in the Bay.

Oysters play a critical role in the ecology, economy, and culture of the Chesapeake Bay. Through historic images, modern views of oyster dredging from skipjacks, extraordinary underwater footage of vibrant oyster reefs, and interviews with watermen, scientists, and oyster restoration volunteers, "Common Ground" provides a fascinating look at a surprisingly complex species. It also reveals the fragility of the Chesapeake's natural system and the role we all play in saving the Bay. Learn more about CBF's oyster restoration efforts here:

This video won the 1999 Cine Golden Eagle Award.
Produced by Silverwood Films, Inc., for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. © 1999

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