• Exploring Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse

    Join CBF as we visit the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse, one of the most iconic landmarks in the Chesapeake Bay.

  • Beneath the Surface-Exploring the Severn River

    Take a trip beneath the surface of the Severn where we see incredible signs of the Bay's recovery

  • Abounding Grasses in Mathews

    Bay lover Scott Phillips shot some incredible video in late June of striking water clarity and abundant underwater grasses in Mathews County, Virginia, where Horn Harbor meets the Chesapeake.

  • We're Live at Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse

    Dive in to all things Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse!

  • The Bay Will Set Me Free

    Excerpt from CBF President Will Baker's interview with former Highland Beach Mayor Ray Langston for the CBF podcast, "Turning the Tide, Saving the Chesapeake Bay."

  • Clagett Farm with Discovery Communications

    We're live from our sustainable Clagett Farm with Discovery Communications on their #OurImpact Day! #SaveTheBay

  • CBF Clagett Farm Manager Michael Heller On Rotational Grazing

    CBF Clagett Farm Manager Michael Heller explains the importance of rotational grazing to the health of the farm and #CleanWater on Discovery Communications' #ourimpact day.

  • Live with CBF's Clagett Farm Manager Michael Heller

    A live interview with CBF's Clagett Farm Manager Michael Heller, discussing why smart farming practices are essential to healthy, productive farms and clean water!

  • Baltimore Floatilla 2016

    We're live at the first ever #BaltimoreFloatilla! #FixThePipes #HealthyHarbor #SaveTheBay

  • #BaltimoreFloatilla Rally!

    We had an incredible day in Baltimore Harbor today with 150+ paddlers demonstrating their support for clean water and a #HealthyHarbor. Here we are live at the rally. #FixThePipes!

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