Children Hold the Fate of the Planet in Their Environmental Literacy

(ANNAPOLIS, MD)—Tom Ackerman, Vice President for Education at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF), issued this statement following the announcement yesterday by the World Future Council that Maryland has been awarded a silver 2015 Future Policy Award for becoming the first state, "to require students to be environmentally literate as a high school graduation requirement. Other states, such as Kentucky and Utah have since developed education plans based on Maryland's Environmental Literacy Standards."

"The most important battle lines in the effort to save the planet are not the Amazon Rainforest or the Arctic ice pack. Whether we as a species continue to survive and thrive on this planet will be determined by whether or not we can change the way that we live in the developed world to allow a healthy environment to sustain. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and our partners across the state of Maryland are working to make sure that the next generation of leaders and citizens are environmentally literate—understanding the value of a healthy environment and that it is very possible for human prosperity and a healthy environment to coincide if we make the right choices."

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