CBF in the News 2011

12.30.11 - Polluted Water Did Little Damage to Chesapeake Bay's Grasses, but Oysters May Not be as Lucky

12.22.11 - The End of Coal Plants in Hampton Roads?

12.20.11 - Maryland Rife With Land-use Planning Controversies

12.16.11 - Audio available  Maryland Pushes Back Time Line For Bay Cleanup

12.05.11 - Fracking Investigation Finds Toxic Emissions at Drill Sites

December 2011 - Marcellus Shale Drilling May Take Huge Chunks Out of PA Forests

December 2011 - MD Taking Bids for 10-megawatt Manure-to-Energy pPlant

December 2011 - EPA Gives States More Leeway to Set Local Cleanup Goals

11.30.11 - Bay Foundation: Video Shows Fracking Sites Polluting Air

11.29.11 - EPA Gives States More Leeway in Bay Cleanup

11.21.11 - State Fertilizer Rules Moving Ahead Over Objections

11.19.11 - Report: Bay Cleanup Costs Could Top $15 Billion for Va

11.17.11 - House, Senate Pass Budget Bill to Avert Shutdown

11.14.11 - Swaying the Supercommittee

11.11.11 - Enviro Groups Want Changes In Impact Fee Bills

11.11.11 - Groups Push Stronger Environmental Protection in Marcellus Bills

11.11.11 - Pa. Shale Rules Fall Short, Critics Say

11.11.11 - Regional Regulators Move to Scale Back Menhaden Catch

11.11.11 - Menhaden Harvest Limit Sharply Cut by Fisheries Commission

11.10.11 - PEC, CBF Call On General Assembly To Adopt Tougher Measures In Marcellus Shale Bills

11.08.11 - Jacobs Plays Role in CBF/Watermen Artificial Reef Deal

11.02.11 - New Reef Created in Chesapeake Bay

11.01.11 - Chesapeake Bay Gets a Flexible Diet

11.01.11 - Support for Obama's Monroe Declaration

10.26.11 - MD Backing Away from Bay Cleanup Deadline?

10.25.11 - 'Moore' Than Just a Field Trip

10.24.11 - Clear Win for Water, Conservancy

10.24.11 - Bay Advocates Concerned About PA Funds in New Farm Bill

10.21.11 - No Child Left Inside Legislation Approved by Senate Committee

10.13.11 - Coalition Fears 'Growing Greener' Program Could Run Out of Money

10.10.11 - Amish Farmers in Chesapeake Bay Watershed Find Themselves in EPA's Sights

10.03.11 - Virginia Beach Public Schools and Chesapeake Bay Foundation Partner

09.13.11 - Flood's Toxic Threat Looms

09.12.11 - Tires, Toilet Among Lee Debris in Chesapeake

09.09.11 - Noah's Bay - Flooding Adds to Chesapeake's Woes

September 2011 - Photo Camp Teaches Girls to Focus on Beauty Surrounding

September 2011 - Where There's Willpower, There's a Way to a Cleaner Bay

September 2011 - NRDC Seeks 'Threatened' Status for Blueback Herring, Alewife

September 2011 - ASMFC Moves Toward Cut in Menhaden Harvest

09.03.11 - Hurricane Irene Leaves Sewage Spills in Wake

09.01.11 - Maryland's Oysters More Depleted Than Thought, Study Says

08.31.11 - Oyster Gardeners Work to Revive Ailing Chesapeake Bay

08.23.11 - Student Fellowships Focus on Solutions for the Bay

08.22.11 - Pennsylvania and the Chesapeake Bay: Connected and Conflicted

08.22.11 - The Atlantic Ocean: A Biography/The Health of the Bay

08.18.11 - Baltimore City Teachers Experience Hands On Learning at Camp

08.14.11 - A Ripple of Hope for the Chesapeake

08.13.11 - Paddles and Paint: Suquehanna River Study Includes Artistic Expression

08.09.11 - Study Urges Greater Protection of Chesapeake Bay's Female Crabs

08.08.11 - Red Tide Algae Blooms Hitting Chesapeake Bay

08.08.11 - Summer in the Susquehanna: A River In Crisis

08.06.11 - Suffolk Teachers Take Field Trip on Nansemond River

08.01.11 - Ask a Scientist: Understanding the Bay Pollution Diet and What it Means for the Eastern Shore of Virginia

07.31.11 - As an essential Atlantic fish declines, experts debate course

07.31.11 - It's Our Water and It's Our Plan

07.30.11 - Cyclists to ride through six bay watershed states

07.26.11 - 25,000 More Oysters are Filtering the Lynnhaven River

07.24.11 - Alarming Dead Zone Grows in the Chesapeake

07.22.11 - Shale Report Released to Public

07.21.11 - New Farm-mapping Website to Aid in Nutrient Management, Conservation

07.21.11 - Value of Governor's Marcellus Shale Report Debatable

07.19.11 - Undoing Progress on Clean Water

07.18.11 - Look Who's Against Clean Water

07.12.11 - EPA Says Chesapeake Bay Has Made Positive Changes

07.10.11 - EPA administrator stands tall

07.07.11 - Pa. Agrees To More Stringent Drilling Permit Process

07.07.11 - DEP to Make Gas Wells Near High Quality Streams go Through Full Permitting Process

07.07.11 - Checks from the Chesapeake

07.06.11 - Scientists Predict Large Bay 'Dead Zone' This Summer

07.02.11 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation Wins National Award

07.02.11 - For What Does Andy Harris Stand?

06.28.11 - Group Sues EPA Over Bay Cleanup Plan

06.27.11 - Boaters - Please Don't Use VA Waterways as a Bathroom

06.24.11 - CBF Wins National Award for Pollution-reduction Projects

06.22.11 - Federal Grant Will Help CBF, Local Farmers Improve Water Quality

06.15.11 - Tangier residents show pride

06.12.11 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation Works To Restore Oyster Population

06.09.11 - Wicomico River to Go On a Pollution Diet

06.08.11 - Students Help Threatened Birds on the James River

06.03.11 - Bay Foundation Honors Ware, Stuart

06.03.11 - CBF: 'We Don't Oppose Farming Or Farmers'

06.01.11 - Environmental Groups Submit Proposals to Marcellus Shale Commission

05.29.11 - Coal and Public Health: The Picture Isn't Pretty

05.29.11 - Calculating the Cost of Coal

05.24.11 - The Last Open Spot on the Lynnhaven

05.10.11 - Green Groups Seek Changes in Law Governing Marcellus Shale

05.07.11 - Onancock Studies Bay Runoff

May 2011 - Groups Seek Impact Statement on Effects of Marcellus Shale Drilling

04.20.11 - Crab Levels Second-Highest since 1997, Survey Shows

04.20.11 - Chesapeake Bay Crabs on Path to Recovery

04.19.11 - O'Malley Launches Study of Septic Growth Curbs

04.18.11 - Chesapeake Bay project is good economic policy

04.16.11 - Farmers need help to implement bay cleanup

04.15.11 - Students' Minds and Bodies in Motion for Performance

04.14.11 - D.C. Among 'Greenest' for Buildings

04.13.11 - Plan for Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Left Out of Budget

04.06.11 - 'Getting to the Bottom' of Marcellus Shale Drilling

04.04.11 - Environmentalists Want Feds to Study Gas Drilling's Effect on Bay

04.03.11 - Volunteers Flock to Hampstead Tree-Planting Project

03.28.11 - Va. Budget Shortfall Could Set Back Chesapeake Bay Cleanup

03.23.11 - Greener Plants Concept Takes Root to Save Our Watersheds One Yard at a Time

03.19.11 - Va. Wesleyan Students Forgo Break to Plant Gardens

03.20.11 - Goodlatte's Cuts More Dangerous Than Portrayed

03.12.11 - Buffers, Pastures Focus of Meeting Targeted at Plain Sect Producers

03.10.11 - Failing the Bay, Balking at Cleanup

03.07.11 - Port of Baltimore Goes Green

03.07.11 - Farmers, EPA Clash Over Chesapeake Bay Regulations

03.07.11 - Foundation: Bill to Cost Watershed $300M

03.04.11 - Ex-Bay Group Scientist Now 'Czar' of Waterway

02.25.11 - Virginia Trying New Approach to Farm Pollution Problem

02.23.11 - Gas drilling in Pennsylvania state parks draws fire

02.23.11 - An amendment to kill the Bay

02.22.11 - House votes to block Bay TMDL, other environmental programs

02.22.11 - Rural lawmaker tilts at metro areas' sewage sludge

02.22.11 - Bay vote forces choice for Wittman, Rigell

02.22.11 - House backs amendment blocking EPA's Bay cleanup plan

02.22.11 - Rockfish season will reopen for two days

02.19.11 - Bay 'diet' funding cut by House

02.19.11 - Rep. Andy Harris votes for spending cuts, EPA restrictions

02.18.11 - State lawmakers OK fertilizer bills

02.18.11 - Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Will Have Big Impact On Us

02.16.11 - Congress Considers Slashing Chesapeake Bay Funding

02.16.11 - O'Malley, Environmentalists Make Argument for Septic Ban

02.15.11- Bay cleanup funding at risk in federal budget battle

02.09.11- Legislators scoff at septic ban proposal

02.08.11- Feds fast-track mid-Atlantic offshore wind energy

02.07.11- Chesapeake oysters doing better

02.06.11- Menhaden Management Still Missing

02.04.11- Developers Distressed Over Bid to Curb Septic Systems

02.01.11- Some Worry Support for Bay Efforts May Lag in New Congress

02.01.11- Chemical Ban Would Help Clean Bay

01.27.11- Groups Appeal to Obama on Natural Gas Drilling

01.25.11 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation Spent Extra to Make its Headquarters Eco-friendly

01.20.11 - Farm Bureau Lawsuit Hurts Bay, Farmers

01.17.11 - A River Geek's Pick of One of the Great Reads from 2010

01.16.11 - Good News and Bad News About the Bay and Frederick County

01.14.11 - State Backtracking on Environmental Education?

01.13.11 - What Kind of Stewardship is This?

01.13.11 - Bay Foundation Says State is Backing Down on Promise to Require Environmental Education in Maryland

01.11.11 - Farm Groups Sue EPA Over Bay Pollution Diet

01.03.11 - The EPA's New Year's Resolution for the Chesapeake

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