CBF in the News 2012

10.05.12 - EPA Bay Plan Taken to Court

10.01.12 - Farm Bill Held for Ransom?

09.26.12 - Hampton Students Schooled in a Floating Classroom

09.24.12 - Concerns Remain Over 'Safe Harbor'

09.18.12 - New Draft Plan to Manage Menhaden

09.17.12 - PA Group Urges Action as Clock Ticks on Farm Bill

09.13.12 - Seahorse Find Inspires More Searching in Lafayette River

08.01.12 - The Red Tides Have Returned to Hampton Roads

07.16.12 - Extreme Heat. Little Rain. But That's a Boon for the Bay

07.15.12 - New Pollution Regulations Aren't Enough for the Chesapeake Bay

07.14.12 - County Goals Detail Local Share of Chesapeake Bay Cleanup

07.14.12 - States Improve In Decreasing Wastewater Into The Bay

07.12.12 - On the Trail of the Chesapeake's Dead Zone

07.11.12 - Committing to Bay Restoration

07.11.12 - Chesapeake Bay: Improvement

07.10.12 - Virginia Making Progress on Bay Cleanup Goals, Groups Say

07.10.12 - Health of Chesapeake Improving Partially Because of Local Efforts

07.09.12 - Chesapeake Bay Cleanup on Track, Officials Say

07.09.12 - 3 Million Oysters Find New Home in Severn River

07.07.12 - Virginia Leads Mid-Atlantic in Cutting Nitrogen Pollution in Bay

07.07.12 - Virginia Rises to the Top for Curbing Pollution in Bay

07.07.12 - Anne Arundel County Gets Special Oyster Reef

06.26.12 - Working Hard for the Watershed

06.21.12 - Senate Maintains Bay Funding in Farm Bill

06.21.12 - Homebuilder Hit with $741,000 Civil Penalty Over Pollution Violations, Some in Virginia

06.18.12 - Peter Claggett Sees Changes to Chesapeake Bay with Landsat

06.18.12 - Turning Attention to Environmental Programs Targeted by State Budget Cuts

06.18.12 - Alan Girard: Here's the Rest of the Blue Crab Recovery Story

06.17.12 - Hampton Summit Focuses on Bay Health

06.10.12 - Reef Balls Filling Up Choptank

06.09.12 - Water Conference Attendees Pay Visit to Amish Dairy Farm

06.08.12 - Report: Chesapeake Bay Pollution at Critical Condition, Threatens Tourism

06.05.12 - Environmentalists Hail Watershed Year

06.04.12 - Volunteers Clean 150K Pounds of Debris From Bay

06.01.12 - Audio available   EPA Says Most States Moving Forward In Bay Cleanup Despite Economy

06.01.12 - Localities Need to be More Specific on Helping the Bay, EPA Says

06.01.12 - EPA Gives Maryland Thumbs-up on Bay Plan

05.31.12 - Benoit and Baker: Let's Finish the Job on the Bay

05.30.12 - Interagency Task Force Calls for Protecting Mattawoman Creek

05.30.12 - Bay Foundation Watching Sparrows Point Shutdown

05.30.12 - Manassas Participates in Clean the Bay Day

05.30.12 - Canoe Trip Highlights Onancock Creek Quality

05.28.12 - Peninsula Water Stewards: New Graduates Learn About Water Conservation

05.26.12 - Chesapeake Bay Oysters Get New Housing

05.25.12 - Bay Group Warns of Swimming After Storms

05.24.12 - Public Supports Chesapeake Bay Cleanup, Wants More Specifics

05.24.12 - Petition Is the First of Many Steps Toward Helping the Susquehanna River

05.22.12 - Attorney: Dismiss Comprehensive Plan Suit vs. County

05.02.12 - A Swift Approach to Cleaner Water

04.29.12 - Just Rebuilding Oyster Reefs Won't Save the Chesapeake Bay

04.27.12 - Proposal Would Require Best Septic Technology

04.28.12 - Suffolk's Air Quality Grade: F

04.23.12 - Environmental Groups Seek Bay Lawsuit Dismissal

04.23.12 - Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection Rejects Impaired Label for Susquehanna River

04.21.12 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation Keeps Close Eye on 2012 Farm Bill

04.19.12 - Video Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Population Near 20-year High

04.20.12 - Bay Survey Finds Rebounding Blue Crab Population

04.19.12 - The Bay's Crab Population Reaches New Heights

04.18.12 - Weather Swings Have Left Chesapeake Bay In Bad Shape

04.10.12 - Environmentalists Cheer Passage of Green Bills

04.05.12 - A Big Job, Indeed

04.01.12 - Interfaith Group Taking Message of 'Creation Care' to the Masses

04.01.12 - Bill Would Take Away EPA's Oversight on Bay Cleanup, Give it to States

04.01.12 - Administration's Proposed 2013 Budget a Mixed Bag for Bay

03.31.12 - Virginia Announces Latest Version of its Bay Cleanup Plan

03.30.12 - Virginia Producer Helps Lead the Way in Preserving the Chesapeake Bay

03.28.12 - Residents May Soon Pay Fee To Improve Drainage Systems

03.28.12 - Group Rallies For Passage Of Clean Water Bills

03.28.12 - Feasting On Shad

03.27.12 - Bills On Septic Systems And Gambling Pass The State Senate

03.26.12 - State Releases Draft "Impaired Waters" Report

03.26.12 - UMd. Students Spend Spring Break Planting Native Trees

03.24.12 - Septic Bill Concerns Farmers

03.22.12 - Contaminant Search Limited Around Sparrows Point

03.19.12 - View: Good and Bad News on the Chesapeake Bay

03.15.12 - Feds Outline Federal Aid for Reducing Water Pollution

03.14.12 - O'Malley Seeks Bigger 'Flush Fee' Hike

03.13.12 - Goodlatte Visits to Oppose EPA Mandates

03.09.12 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation "Disappointed" At Goodlatte's Plan

03.09.12 - Clean Legislation?

03.08.12 - Anglers, Watermen Spar Over Fishing Fees

03.02.12 - Cleaning Up Waterways to Make Them Accessible

03.09.12 - Virginia Could Lose In Bay Battle

03.08.12 - Goodlatte Bill Seeks to Halt Bay Cleanup

03.05.12 - Chicken Without A Side of Arsenic

03.04.12 - Coal Plant Harm Swamps Benefits

March 2012 - PA to Charge Gas Drillers Impact Fee, Takes Away Local Governments' Right to Restrict Sites

March 2012 - MD to Revise Recently Released Nutrient, Sediment Rules

02.24.12 - Harris: Hold Off On Bay Effort

02.17.12 - Oyster Harvest Improves

02.17.12 - Budget Giveth, Taketh Away

02.13.12 - Obama Budget Cuts Would Hit Maryland

02.08.12 - Oysters On the Increase Over Past Decade

02.08.12 - Transportation, Libraries, Economic Development, and the Environment Also Take Budget Hits

01.31.12 - Students Tend to Baby Oysters

01.25.12 - In Annapolis, Green Agenda a "Heavy Lift"

01.06.12 - Environmentalists And Fishermen Team Up To Save Oysters

01.06.12 - Audio available  Chesapeake Bay Foundation Says Pollution Control Regulations Creating Thousands of Jobs

01.06.12 - EPA Report Links Groundwater Contamination to Natural Gas Drilling

01.06.12 - Debunking the Myth

01.06.12 - 'Job-Killing' EPA Project Will Create 35 Times as Many Jobs as Keystone XL Pipeline

01.06.12 - Farm Show Exhibits Readied for Saturday

01.06.12 - Lawmakers Must Step Up to Meet Commitments to Clean Water

01.04.12 - Group says Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Plan Will Boost Jobs

01.03.12 - Environmentalists Cite Report in Disputing 'Job-Killer' Claims

01.03.12 - Impact of Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Debated

01.03.12 - Report: Environmental Regulations Don't Hurt the Economy

01.03.12 - Bay Group Says Cleanup to Create More Than 230,000 Jobs

01.03.12 - Report: Environmental Regulations Are Job Creators, Not Job Killers


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