CBF in the News 2013

12.31.13 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation Faults U.S. Bay Commitment

12.29.13 - Outdoors: A small victory in the battle against urban runoff

12.28.13 - Slow lane for progress

12.28.13 - Placement of reef balls on Memorial Stadium rubble to continue for at least five more years

12.20.13 - County, groups at odds on move

12.20.13 - Karen Lukacs, Erik Fisher and Judith Stribling's opinion: Let Wicomico taxpayers weigh in on coalition

12.18.13 - Recommendations for a healthier bay

12.19.13 - State foresees shortfall in water funds

12.19.13 - Improving Streams and Rivers in PA, an Acre at a Time

12.14.13 - Harford's solution to restoring Bush River is to kill cleanup funding

12.13.13 - Executive Council debates whether to deal with toxics in new Bay agreement

12.11.13 - Experts say recent Chesapeake Bay report lacks clarity

12.11.13 - Low-key Chesapeake Bay summit draws few leaders

12.11.13 - Coming Out of His Shell

12.10.13 - Bay Foundation offers its views in advance of Executive Council meeting

12.09.13 - Bay Barometer shows signs of improvement, but challenges remain

12.09.13 - Should Maryland update its phosphorus regulations?

12.05.13 - USDA finds reduction in runoff near Chesapeake Bay

12.04.13 - A matter of when, not if for new rules

12.03.13 - CBF Issues Statement on Release of Bay Barometer

11.28.13 - Canopy Count: Harrisburg gets greener, one tree at a time.

11.27.13 - AUDIO Chesapeake Bay Foundation Leading the Way in Sustainable Building

11.24.13 - Thankfully, Lynnhaven oysters are on the menu

11.23.13 - Environmental groups to sue WSSC for illegal discharge of pollutants into Potomac River

11.12.13 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation excluded from bridge run

11.10.13 - Stream in Boonsboro park gets natural buffer to ensure a healthy waterway

11.06.13 - TCFL hosts lecture series about the Bay

11.06.13 - Maryland threatens fines over stormwater pollution fee

11.04.13 - The 'rain tax' debate

10.29.13 - In Their Own Words: Alan Girard on Maryland's 'rain tax'

11.08.13 - Living Waters Summit to bring faith, conservation communities to the table

10.30.13 - $9.2 million in Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund grants announced

10.27.13 - A Bay agenda for the next governor

10.26.13 - Learning on the creek

10.23.13 - New Regs Could Mean Chicken Litter Business Flies the Coop

10.21.13 - Jennings: Next governor faces Bay-saving challenges

10.16.13 - Seeds of Success

10.16.13 - Planting time in Baltimore harbor

10.15.13 - Baby Oysters Placed in Inner Harbor to Filter Water

10.15.13 - Virginia Filmmakers Plan to Shoot New Film in Chesapeake Bay Region

10.14.13 - Nearly 40,000 oysters to grow in Baltimore's Inner Harbor

10.14.13 - CBF-PA: Cost Effective Solutions Are Known, Documented In Chesapeake Bay Cleanup

10.12.13 - New oyster reef below Bill Burton Fishing Pier completed

10.11.13 - Bay gets big boost from tiny seed pods

10.11.13 - Residents learn about smarter lawns

10.10.13 - Farm groups to appeal Bay cleanup ruling

10.08.13 - Bay Foundation begins to build ‘greenest building in Virginia’

10.08.13 - Education center designed to be greenest in Virginia

10.08.13 - CBF: Nearly 20,000 Miles Of PA Streams Polluted

10.07.13 - Industry groups to appeal decision upholding Bay cleanup plan

10.06.13 - Video Local residents, organizations, work to build oyster habitat

10.03.13 - Holton helps open rain garden at his namesake elementary school

10.02.13 - Bay pollution plan upheld in court

10.01.13 - PA legislators seek to remove protection for state-endangered species

09.30.13 - Setting the record straight on Arundel's stormwater fees

09.30.13 - Bay Cleanup Effort Needs Farmers' Help

09.25.13 - How the Chesapeake Bay got its oysters back

09.23.13 - Court Victory for Bay Clean-Up Advocates in PA

09.17.13 - Audio available Sound Bites: Chicken Litter, Coffee, And Pasta

09.17.13 - Riverkeeper: 'Full steam ahead' after judge's ruling on Bay cleanup

 09.17.13 - Audio available Farm Federation May Appeal Chesapeake Bay Decision

09.15.13 - Go native with your plants to go green

09.13.13 - EPA can go forward with plan to limit pollution in the Chesapeake Bay

09.13.13 - Federal judge rules tougher pollution limits can be imposed on Chesapeake Bay watershed

09.10.13 - A watershed wish list

09.06.13 - Farm Bill promotes clean waters and vibrant farms

09.06.13 - Maryland fertilizer proposal revised

09.05.13 - City officials warn against dumping debris down drains

09.05.13 - Campaign aims to keep Cat Point Creek pristine

09.04.13 - Chesapeake Checkup: Hearing Tracks Progress Made To Restore Bay’s Health

09.04.13 - Stormwater fees debated anew in Maryland

09.03.13 - Nutrient trading key to Chesapeake effort

09.01.13 - JHU fellows head out on the water to battle threats of global climate change

08.31.13 - EPA: States on track to meet nutrient reduction goals

08.30.13 - Pilot writer wins Va. Conservationist of the Year award

08.22.13 - A watershed in decline

08.21.13 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation files to intervene in Conowingo relicensing

08.19.13 - PA Stake in Farm Bill Investment in Conservation That Counts

08.15.13 - Ditches could help save the Bay

08.14.13 - Poll: Virginians broadly support Bay restoration efforts

 08.14.13 - Audio available  Chesapeake Bay Foundation Surveys Voters

08.14.13 - Poll: 'Striking' support for Chesapeake Bay cleanup

 08.09.13 - Video Algae Bloom in Chesapeake Bay

08.08.13 - Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint Progress: How Are We Doing?

08.12.13 - Come on in. The water's clear of bacteria and pollution

 08.11.13 - Audio available  The Algae Is Coming, But Its Impact Is Felt Far From Water

08.11.13 - Goin' Green: Rain barrels keep pollutants out of the Chesapeake Bay

08.11.13 - State misses milestone mark

07.20.13 - Educator teaches teachers about Bay

07.19.13 - Hating on the Rain Tax? CBF Rebuttal Will Make You Reconsider

07.19.13 - Seeking Help to Create Foundation for Oyster Restoration

07.19.13 - Nanticoke River report shows mixed results on pollution

07.18.13 - Toward a better bay

07.17.13 - Editorial: Too much

07.17.13 - New cleanup agreement in the works for the bay

07.17.13 - New bay agreement expected this fall

07.13.13 - Oley Valley students in a new environment

07.11.13 - VA advances 'safe harbor' plan to urge farms to use better runoff measures; CBF withdraws support after buffer requirement is removed.

07.11.13 - York County teen grooms oysters for Chesapeake Bay restoration

07.11.13 - PA Mid-Term Report Card on Clean Water Goals: Room For Improvement

07.10.13 - Local teachers wade into stream, environmental literacy training

07.10.13 - Report: States Falling Short On Goals To Clean Up Chesapeake Bay

07.09.13 - Teachers Go Back To School On The Bay

07.09.13 - Jennings and Powell: Failure is not an option

07.08.13 - Bay health up as states progress on cleanup

07.08.13 - Report: Virginia meeting most of its bay blueprint milestones

07.08.13 - Groups say Virginia meeting most bay cleanup goals

07.05.13 - Farm Bill needed for bay cleanup (MD)

06.30.13 - Oyster reef project underway in Norfolk

07.05.13 - Farm Bill Needed for Bay Cleanup

06.28.13 - Recycled Reef Provides a New Home for Oysters

06.26.13 - Video'Rain Tax' Set to Begin in Baltimore City and Nine Counties; Washington County Not Included

06.26.13 - Going Green Could Mean Creating New Jobs, Prince George's Officials Say

06.26.13 - Senator Yaw recognizes local award recipient

06.26.13 - Battle erupts over Senate bill aimed at cleaning up Chesapeake Bay

06.26.13 - Artists and the Bay celebration coming July 12

06.25.13 - Senators highlight Bay conservation

06.23.13 - Don't muddy restoration

06.19.13 - Storm water runoff prompts new regulations

06.19.13 - Rain barrels could help cut stormwater runoff in Harrisburg

06.19.13 - Reducing Chesapeake Bay pollution is focus of controversial new plan

06.18.13 - Radio Smart Talk: Stormwater still an issue for Chesapeake Bay

06.17.13 - 'Coalitions' an ineffective way to spend taxpayer money

06.17.13 - Environmental program said success

06.14.13 - County allocates $25,000 to challenge cleanup plan

06.14.13 - 'Rain tax' gets hearing, beating

06.10.13 - CBF, EPA reach accord on livestock, poultry farms

06.10.13 - Oyster gardening project at Dunloggin Middle produces 'special' results

06.10.13 - LETTER: Cecil should work with Bay plan to innovate, not litigate

06.10.13 - Farms must support clean water, too

06.08.13 - Animal feeding operation rules get legal tweak

06.06.13 - Environmentalists fear stormwater permit proposal might reduce openness

06.04.13 - On new farm program, one clean water group stands alone

06.03.13 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation picks winning Save the Bay photos

06.03.13 - Volunteers Clean Up 125,000 Pounds Of Trash Along Chesapeake Bay Shorelines

06.03.13 - Streams, sludge, students: Program teaches pupils how daily habits affect Chesapeake

06.02.13 - Annual Clean the Bay Day provides clear payoff

06.01.13 - Ocean Lakes student wins leadership award

06.01.13 - Volunteers pick up trash for Clean the Bay day

05.31.13 - Volunteers help make Chesapeake Bay clean and healthy

05.31.13 - Commissioners set 1-cent rain tax

05.30.13 - Stunning photo of osprey wins first place

05.30.13 - Millwood students help clean the bay

05.29.13 - Academy classes aim to grow a cleaner river

05.28.13 - Environmental group highlights importance of Susquehanna water quality

05.28.13 - Today’s top opinion: Good bills

05.28.13 - Good legislation

05.27.13 - New laws benefit Maryland's $2.1 billion ag industry

05.20.13 - Murky waters

05.18.13 - Wilkes-Barre T-L: Groups take issue with DEP's Susquehanna decision

05.17.13 - Stormwater pollution continues to increase

05.15.13 - Floating wetland absorbs harmful runoff in Henrico

05.13.13 - Smallmouth Bass Fishing Banned until June

05.12.13 - Sickened Smallmouth in the Susquehanna River

05.12.13 - Group to Consider How to Get More Information about Pesticide Use in Md.

05.10.13 - Bay Foundation Backs 'Rain Tax'

05.09.13 - EPA: Susquehanna River Not on Impaired List, but Not Off it Either

05.09.13 - EPA Supports DEP Findings, Will Not List Susquehanna River As Impaired Waterway

05.09.13 - Dishing the Dam Dirt, Dealing with Sediment at the Conowingo Dam

05.08.13 - Blue Plains Sewage Pact is a Rare Success of Cooperation in the DC Region

05.08.13 - On June 1, You Can Help Clean the Bay

05.08.13 - Chesapeake Bay's Health Said to be Improving

05.05.13 - Report Explores Role of Pollution in Bass Die-Off

05.03.13 - Crabbers Feel the Pinch of Slim Pickings

05.02.13 - Governor O'Malley Signs Landmark Forest Legislation

05.01.13 - Navy Celebrates Collaborative Partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

05.01.13 - Report: Fewer Pollutants Entering Chesapeake Bay

05.01.13 - Anne Arundel Council Overrides Executive's Stormwater Fee Veto

04.30.13 - Oysters More Effective Than Previously Believed In Filtering Water

04.30.13 - Getting Past the 'Rain Tax' Rhetoric

04.30.13 - Tackle Fish Problem Now

04.30.13 - We Must Better Manage, Treat Polluted Runoff

04.29.13 - Sailing with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

04.29.13 - Pitching in to Save the Bay

04.29.13 - We Need to Know, Now

04.27.13 - Problems with the Susquehanna are All Wet

04.27.13 - Increasing Harrisburg's Tree Cover Could Help Abate Water System Problems

04.27.13 - Susquehanna River Damaged Causing Smallmouth Bass Death Loosing Hundreds of Millions of Dollars For Pennsylvania Economy

04.26.13 - Bay’s Smallmouth Bass Under Siege, Report Says

04.26.13 - New Report Questions Health of Susquehanna

04.26.13 - Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Continues Despite Sequester Threat

04.25.13 - Study: Cutting Pollution in the Susquehanna Faster Could Save Dying Bass

04.25.13 - Arundel Executive Vetoes Stormwater Fee

04.25.13 - Chesapeake Bay 'Heroes' Honored

04.24.13 - PICTURES: Chesapeake Bay Foundation is Marking 25th Anniversary of Clean the Bay Day

04.22.13 - Gunston Students Make a Difference in Advanced Ecology

04.21.13 - Oyster Farming Down to a Science

04.20.13 - Chesapeake Bay's Blue Crab Population Plunges By More Than Half After Big Comeback

04.19.13 - Needed: A Dose of Motivation on Earth Day

04.18.13 - Marylanders start paying fee to save the Chesapeake Bay on July 1

04.18.13 - Panel: Make the Outdoors Fun for Children

04.15.13 - Tipping Point for the Chesapeake Bay

04.10.13 - Avalon, Chesapeake Bay Foundations Partnering for Concert Series

04.10.13 - Better Than New

04.08.13 - Move to Delay Pollution Fees Afoot in Annapolis

04.06.13 - Center Maryland: Inside the Headlines with Alison Prost

04.06.13 - Nominate a Clean the Bay Day Hero

03.27.13 - Omega Protein Faces Charges of Dumping Pollutants from Fishing Boats

03.27.13 - Bill Would Give Farmers 10-Year Reprieve on New Regs

03.26.13 - Center Maryland: Inside Out with Alison Prost

03.19.13 - County Student Council Reps Save a Creek, do a Little Dance

03.18.13 - Regulating Farms with Certainty

03.13.13 - Environmental Groups Split Over Bay Restoration Bill Affecting Smaller Farms

03.12.13 - Environmental Groups Split over Md. Farm Certainty

03.08.13 - Today's Top Opinion: Saving the Bay

03.08.13 - Bottle Tax: Improve Recycling Rates Around Chesapeake Bay, or Inconvenience?"

03.06.13 - Bottle Bill Seeks to Boost Recycling Rates

03.05.13 - Maryland Hosts Stormwater Runoff Meeting for Officials

03.05.13 - Water Quality Improves Downstream


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