CBF in the News

12.31.15 - Street sweeping illustrates nitty-gritty of Chesapeake Bay cleanup program

12.29.15 - Environmentalist lends a hand to the handless

12.29.15 - How resilience will shape the future of building design

12.27.15 - Maryland DNR asks Army Corp to delay Tred Avon oyster restoration work

12.27.15 - Conservation groups and legislators look to change menhaden regulations

12.24.15 - State seeks to delay Eastern Shore oyster restoration

12.24.15 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation honors local lawmakers

12.23.15 - Environmentalists threaten to sue to protect yellow perch spawning area

12.23.15 - Environmental groups sue to stop Four Seasons

12.22.15 - Farmers being given opportunity to gain grazing insight

12.21.15 - A wish list for the watershed

12.21.15 - Hanger wins legislator of the year award

12.21.15 - Commissioners' support for derailing clean water efforts disappointing

12.18.15 - 6 things to know about Baltimore's sewage struggle

12.20.15 - Win for the environmental, human health: Standards for mercury, air toxics advance

12.20.15 - Why we should care about oysters

12.20.15 - The saboteurs of the Chesapeake

12.18.15 - Embattled Four Seasons development back in court

12.18.15 - Pollution in water, mud near Sparrows Point needs attention, study finds

12.16.15 - Volunteers sought to grow, restore Chesapeake Bay grasses

12.15.15 - Residents criticize Talbot draft plan

12.15.15 - Eastern Shore Counties and Towns Unite to Propose Collaborative Actions to Clean Local Waters

12.15.15 - Federal grant to benefit Frederick County farmers

12.15.15 - Susquehanna bass hit by herbicides and hormones

12.15.15 - DEP: Herbicides, parasites likely causes of Susquehanna bass decline

12.15.15 - Grant helps farmers reduce pollution

12.13.15 - 92 lawmakers, 22 states side with Farm Bureau in TMDL appeal

12.09.15 - Farmers being given opportunity to gain grazing insight

12.06.15 - The promise of progress on water in 2016

12.06.15 - Conservation awards announced by soil district

12.05.15 - A double dose of reality

12.05.15 - Destruction of Fones Cliffs is shocking

12.03.15 - Sportsmen and women play vital roles in conservation

12.02.15 - A clear bay, thanks to a dry spell

12.01.15 - A proposed luxury resort where eagles soar stirs anger

12.01.15 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation announces new Virginia executive director

11.29.15 - The Chesapeake Bay is looking strangely clear. But why?

11.27.15 - Questions loom over effects of state's oyster recovery efforts on watermen's bottom lines

11.27.15 - Pharmaceuticals in Pa. waters

11.26.15 - D.C. Water sues EPA over new limit on E. coli allowed in Potomac River

11.26.15 - 'Farmer to farmer' program offers better profits, cleaner water

11.26.15 - Raising awareness: Newly elected members have goals for conservation group

11.24.15 - Video Local farmer shows off subsurface drip irrigation

11.24.15 - Audio available Is Climate Change a Threat to Oyster Dressing?

11.23.15 - Chesapeake Bay grant to benefit local farmers

11.23.15 - Guilderland native helps earn conservation award

11.23.15 - Recycling program aims to repurpose Virginia oyster shells

11.23.15 - Oyster Expo airs fishery woes

11.20.15 - Environmental groups: Bad time to drop 'rain tax' amid high fish kills in Md.

11.19.15 - Farmers Appeal to Supreme Court on Bay Plan

11.18.15 - State votes to license more than a thousand senior homes on Kent Island

11.18.15 - Confusion and Frustration as Maryland High Court Hears Arguments over Stormwater Permits

11.18.15 - Environmental groups concerned as Baltimore County phases out 'rain tax'

11.18.15 - Environmentalists want this state to take chicken poop out of its clean energy plan

11.17.15 - 2015 Gift Guide: Do-Gooders List

11.17.15 - County Council votes to phase out controversial 'rain tax'

11.16.15 - Bay Program OKs controversial nutrient reduction credits for farms

11.16.15 - Maritime museum announces living shoreline project

11.16.15 - Baltimore County Council approves phasing out stormwater fee

11.16.15 - Video Rally before unanimous vote repealing rain tax in Baltimore County

11.16.15 - On the Bay: After years of delay, state to again consider license for Kent Island housing development

11.16.15 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation-PA Earns 2 Awards for Stream Buffers, Reducing Pollution

11.16.15 - AFBF requests Supreme Court to decide legality

11.16.15 - Political storm in Baltimore County over so-called "Rain Tax"

11.15.15 - In blow to conservationists, county approves Fones Cliffs development

11.13.15 - Farmers v. Chesapeake Bay, Part III

11.13.15 - Video Toxic algae suspended in big Middle River fish kill

11.13.15 - American Farm Bureau Federation Takes Bay TMDL Challenge to Supreme Court

11.13.15 - Bay foundation fighting for menhaden

11.13.15 - Fones Cliffs rezoning approved

11.12.15 - Luxury resort gets OK for Virginia eagle site; opponents say fight goes on

11.11.15 - 2015 Hanley Award Winner: Chesapeake Bay Foundation

11.11.15 - Will Supreme Court review EPA's TMDL authority over states?

11.10.15 - Can Food Production and a Clean Chesapeake Bay Coexist?

11.09.15 - Groups petition high court over EPA power

11.09.15 - 'Oyster Expo' set for Easton Nov. 18

11.06.15 - Supreme Court asked to hear challenge to Chesapeake Bay pollution "diet"

11.06.15 - Farm Bureau appeals Bay cleanup plan to Supreme Court

11.06.15 - Farm Bureau wants runoff limits overturned

11.06.15 - Farm group appeals Chesapeake Bay cleanup case to Supreme Court

11.06.15 - Chesapeake Bay "pollution diet" ruling appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court

11.06.15 - Farm groups appeal Chesapeake Bay pollution controls to Supreme Court

11.04.15 - Maryland, Virginia support EPA's fight against Clean Power Plan overturn

11.04.15 - Virginia joins in coalition to defend EPA's Clean Power Plan

11.03.15 - Ellie Altman to receive Conservation Landscaping Award

11.03.15 - World literacy toward ag vital, too

11.02.15 - MD court to hear appeals over stormwater permits for Baltimore, 4 counties

11.02.15 - Virginia Beach couple to be honored for philanthropy at New York dinner

10.30.15 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation helps farmers keep cows, bacteria out of streams

10.27.15 - Communication about Bay is vital

10.26.15 - Bay Foundation questions Baltimore County's move to eliminate 'rain tax'

10.24.15 - Clean Water Counts in York

10.22.15 - Oyster restoration effort underway in Patapsco River

10.22.15 - Baltimore Oyster Partnership to Plant 5 Million Baby Oysters by 2020

10.22.15 - Weekend Lineup: Oct. 23-25

10.22.15 - The translation of a river name

10.21.15 - 5 million oysters to be planted in the Patapsco River by 2020

10.21.15 - WSSC agrees to reduce pollution in Potomac River from treatment plant

10.21.15 - Preserve, don't develop, Fones Cliffs

10.20.15 - Saturday: The Great Baltimore Oyster Festival

10.16.15 - Interfaith summit seeks spiritual activism

10.15.15 - James River healthier than in decades, report says

10.15.15 - Panel to Discuss "Can Food Production and a Clean Chesapeake Bay Coexist?"

10.14.15 - Pa. holding out on plastic microbead legislation

10.13.15 - It's time for PA to reboot its commitments to Bay agreement

10.12.15 - Large-scale oyster restoration under way in 6 tributaries

10.10.15 - Richmond County delays vote on Fones Cliffs development

10.09.15 - You can use fallen leaves to protect water sources

10.07.15 - Audio available Commercial Development Plans Threatens Bald Eagle Haven Along Rappahannock River

10.07.15 - Officials face Fones Cliffs question: Development or preservation?

10.06.15 - Harris Creek reef restoration at 350 acres, is largest ever

10.04.15 - CBF's Brock Center gives 'green' new meaning

09.28.15 - Farm Bureau to seek Supreme Court review of Bay TMDL decision

09.28.15 - AFBF to take battle to Supreme Court

09.28.15 - Farm Bureau challenging EPA authority in Chesapeake Bay pollution plan

09.27.15 - VIMS study shows blue crabs tolerate low oxygen better than previously thought

09.26.15 - Cleanup at Bay

09.25.15 - 'Stalking' tactics raise ire of charter skippers

09.25.15 - Teach your children well: Education mandate propels environmental programs in schools

09.25.15 - Conservationists seek to protect cliffs overlooking Rappahannock

09.25.15 - Elizabeth River Project targets Eastern Branch in clean-up efforts

09.23.15 - Scientists say Maryland's gigantic new oyster reef is a pearl that could save the Chesapeake Bay

09.23.15 - Bill would protect local farmers with methane digesters from limits on electricity they sell to utilities

09.22.15 - Polluted runoff fees help fight local issues

09.22.15 - Farm Bureau will take Chesapeake Bay water quality fight to Supreme Court

09.20.15 - Wading in, as an act of faith

09.20.15 - Editorial: True conservatives support environmental protection

09.18.15 - Saturday festival celebrates Va. Beach environment

09.15.15 - A final oyster planting in Harris Creek

09.15.15 - Audio available Canoeing for water quality

09.15.15 - Seeking Clarity? Get involved in river health

09.13.15 - Md. gets schools, students involved in environment

09.13.15 - Chesapeake school principals bring home lessons from Tangier Island

09.13.15 - For Chesapeake Bay Foundation manager, the oyster is her world

09.10.15 - Farm tour highlights importance of Bay-friendly practices

09.08.15 - Should Md. put moratorium on poultry houses?

09.08.15 - Environmentalists call for moratorium on Shore poultry growth

09.08.15 - EPA analyzes animal ag regulations for Md., Del.

09.06.15 - Video Crabs take to the track for Berret's 25th and final crab races

09.04.15 - Video Seeking Clarity: York's watershed steward program among ways to get involved

09.04.15 - Video Seeking Clarity: The 'invisible' pollution in York's waterways

09.04.15 - EPA: Maryland farmers lead in pollution reduction efforts

09.03.15 - Bay cleanup must be a group project

09.03.15 - Video Seeking Clarity: Penalties loom for Pa.'s failure to meet fed water pollution standards

09.03.15 - Stafford wastewater system has leaked 1.5 million gallons of sewage in past year

09.02.15 - Maryland farmers attempt to reduce pollution

09.01.15 - Exploring the Chickahominy River

09.01.15 - Growing food on a farm for the Bay

09.01.15 - Md., Del. on different paths toward Chesapeake cleanup

08.31.15 - EPA praises Maryland's farm pollution control efforts, skip shortcomings

08.31.15 - Delaware farms can do more to keep water clean

08.30.15 - Time to walk the walk on clean waters

08.29.15 - EPA: Pennsylvania lagging in pollution reduction

08.28.15 - Want to help the Bay? Plant seeds in September

08.27.15 - Delaney hosts workshop on climate action

08.27.15 - Natural gas severance tax 'hostage' in Pa. budget battle?

08.26.15 - Veterans event looks to provide peace on the water

08.25.15 - Video Spending a morning on the Chesapeake Bay

08.25.15 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation educational boat trip

08.23.15 - Md. teachers get schooled in the envrionment at the Chesapeake Bay

08.19.15 - Water testing partnership finding high bacteria counts in popular swimming areas

08.17.15 - Video Man kayaks entire Susquehanna River, brings attention to water quality

08.17.15 - Remarks at recent fact-finding hearing on flooding weren't all that reassuring

08.16.15 - Many groups working for Bay cleanup

08.14.15 - Susquehanna odyssey is testament to a struggling river

08.13.15 - Environmental literacy made Md. graduation requirement

08.13.15 - Green Gardens, Clean Water

08.13.15 - Salisbury Joins Healthy Waters Round Table

08.12.15 - Conowingo Dam fish-lift overhaul urged to restore Susquehanna's shad, eels

08.10.15 - Delmarva paddle designed to help new Bay leaders navigate future efforts

08.10.15 - The power of motivation and collaboration in rural communities

08.10.15 - Project turning a vacant Baltimore lot into a greenspace

08.09.15 - Making a paddle journey down the river

08.09.15 - Bay Foundation won't appeal lawsuit regarding stream exclusion

08.08.15 - Virginia agriculture, farmers plow ahead for the Bay

08.08.15 - Crabby governors duel over Chesapeake delicacy

08.08.15 - Q&A with Dick Franyo: Boatyard Bar & Grill owner discusses his support of sailing, maritime events

08.07.15 - Teen of the Week: Annapolis High grad didn't take the easy route to the Big Easy

07.30.15 - Time to walk the walk on clean waters

07.29.15 - Watershed states gather to reaffirm commitment to bay cleanup

07.29.15 - Action needed on Bay cleanup

07.27.15 - Camp for teachers

07.22.15 - Manchester Valley High administrators turn focus to environment

07.21.15 - Commit to saving Chesapeake Bay

07.20.15 - Bay leaders to outline next steps for Chesapeake restoration

07.19.15 - Learning lessons in the field

07.19.15 - Teachers get feet wet at Envirothon workshop

07.17.15 - Environmentalists 'cautiously optimistic' for Maryland's bay cleanup

07.17.15 - Crews replenishing Wicomico oyster reefs

07.16.15 - Water tests indicate presence of fecal matter

07.16.15 - Report shows high levels of bacteria in Frederick county streams

07.16.15 - Stream testing shows high levels of bacteria in some popular Harford swimming spots

07.16.15 - Video Harmful bacteria found in Frederick, Md. freshwater lakes, streams

07.16.15 - Environment teachers get their feet wet

07.15.15 - Charlottesville teacher sole Virginia representative of environmental education workshop

07.14.15 - Assessment tracks Bay states' environmental practices

07.14.15 - Envirothon teachers attend two-day workshop

07.14.15 - Richmond court dismisses suit involving cow dung in streams

07.14.15 - Group collects shells in effort to save the Chesapeake Bay

07.14.15 - EPA, CBF win appeal to keep TMDL plan

07.13.15 - EPA needs to act on states' inability to reach nutrient goals

07.13.15 - Corps begin rebuilding Great Wicomico sanctuary reef

07.11.15 - Court rules in favor of Bay clean up

07.09.15 - Further Opinions and Analysis on Chesapeake Bay TMDL Decision

07.09.15 - Lawsuit challenges cattle practices in effort to save Chesapeake Bay

07.08.15 - Audio available Podcast: Chesapeake Bay ruling 'a great win for clean water'

07.08.15 - Federal appeals court upholds EPA's bay cleanup measures

07.08.15 - Court of Appeals Affirms Legality of Multi-state Bay Clean-up

07.07.15 - Arlington: On a Mission to Improve Water Quality

07.07.15 - EPA authority on pollution limits affirmed by federal court

07.07.15 - Court upholds EPA's 'pollution diet' for Chesapeake Bay

07.07.15 - Court upholds Chesapeake Bay cleanup program

07.07.15 - Advocates for Chesapeake Bay clean-up praise ruling

07.06.15 - Appeals court upholds Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan

07.06.15 - Court upholds EPA's Chesapeake Bay cleanup authority

07.06.15 - US appeals court upholds Chesapeake Bay clean-up plan

07.06.15 - Appeals court upholds Chesapeake Bay cleanup

07.06.15 - Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Groups Trying to Block the Clean Up of the Chesapeake Bay

07.06.15 - Farm Bureau's TMDL federal court appeal rejected

07.06.15 - Court sides with EPA on Chesapeake cleanup plan

07.06.15 - Court upholds EPA in putting Chesapeake bay on 'pollution diet'

07.06.15 - Federal court again upholds Chesapeake Bay restoration regulations here

07.05.15 - Trees: the cool solution to water pollution

07.03.15 - Chesapeake Bay Health: The Good, the Bad, and the Flooding

07.03.15 - Bay improves, but far from saved

07.02.15 - The EPA helps to restore the Bay

07.02.15 - Case explores whether cows "apply" their waste to streams

07.01.15 - Resiliency: From Surviving to Thriving

07.01.15 - Ground Zero for Clean Water

07.01.15 - Experts debate whether rays are fishery threat

07.01.15 - Pennsylvania off track on Chesapeake Bay pollution reduction

07.01.15 - Pennsylvania leaders must step up to meet clean-water commitments

06.30.15 - Lawsuit against state says livestock manure finding its way into watershed

06.29.15 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation sues state over livestock dung

06.29.15 - CBF sues Virginia for not making livestock stream exclusion mandatory

06.27.15 - Video Bright future: Maryland's solar energy is booming

06.18.15 - Pope Francis frames climate change as moral issue

06.17.15 - EPA: Virginia doing well overall in bay cleanup goals

06.17.15 - Fowler's Sneaker Index measures clearest river water since 1950s

06.16.15 - Conservation groups say PA water cleanup efforts falling short

06.15.15 - What about Pennsylvania?

06.15.15 - Feds: Pennslyvania 'substantially off track' in Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts

06.16.15 - Scientists take biannual survey of Lafayette River's health

06.15.15 - Audio available EPA: PA Falling Far Behind Bay, Waterways Cleanup Plan

06.12.15 - EPA review finds Pennsylvania significantly off track to meet Bay goals

06.12.15 - EPA finds Maryland mostly on track in Bay cleanup, but Pennsylvania lagging badly

06.11.15 - 'Bands in the Sand' eliminating plastic cups

06.09.15 - NWS Yorktown Sailors Help Clean the Bay

06.09.15 - In Tampa Bay, rare environmental win measured in seagrass

06.09.15 - Workshop being held Tuesday for volunteer oyster gardeners

06.07.15 - In its second year, RiverFest brings attention to south county's culture, tradition

06.07.15 - Virginia shoreline gets cleanup from volunteers

06.06.15 - Video Local volunteers join statewide Clean the Bay Day

06.05.15 - Talbot should fund ditch retrofits

06.05.15 - Talbot launches ditch 'retrofit' experiment

06.04.15 - Audio available Clean the Bay Day: Clean Virginia, Part 2

06.03.15 - Video Joe's Job: Oyster Restoration

06.03.15 - Beautiful diamondback terrapins are on the move. Watch out for them!

06.03.15 - Clean Water Rule benefits the Bay

06.02.15 - This summer, the crab bake you save may be your own

06.02.15 - Civic Leadership Institute names Darden Award winners

06.02.15 - Video Volunteers needed for 27th annual Clean the Bay Day

06.01.15 - Coastal Conservancy: The new Chesapeake Bay Foundation Brock Environmental Center

05.29.15 - Is this year's bluefish run a sign of climate change?

05.28.15 - U.S. Senators push Vilsack for more Bay ag funding

05.27.15 - Watermen win changes to oyster reef restoration

05.27.15 - Environmentalists praise new Clean Water Rules; farmers upset

05.27.15 - New Clean Water Rule will benefit Pennsylvania resources

05.27.15 - Video Thousands of oysters find new home in the Lafayette River

05.27.15 - Audio available Not All Cattle Farmers in Virginia are Embracing State's Stream-Fencing Program

05.27.15 - EPA issues final rules protecting drinking water, streams

05.27.15 - New law aims to protect oyster farms from poachers

05.27.15 - Senators call for more Bay cleanup funds

05.22.15 - Proposal mandates replacing cut trees

05.22.15 - Train to be an Oyster Farmer

05.19.15 - CBF Goes Off the Power and Water Grid. Will You?

05.19.15 - Audio available Opening the Gate: Farmers on Fencing

05.18.15 - Environmentalists speak in support of bill to redo city's forest code

05.17.15 - What Chesapeake bay has to teach Lake Erie about environmental stewardship

05.16.15 - Bay Foundation hires former Fairfield school superintendent

05.14.15 - Oyster restoration continues in Tred Avon

05.14.15 - West Rhode River - RiverFest

05.13.15 - Lessons begin to reflect new environmental literacy graduation requirement

05.12.15 - Scientist to speak on oyster restoration

05.12.15 - Gardenhours are Maryland's 100th certified conservation steward

05.11.15 - Susquehanna Watershed Education Program Offers Students First-Hand Experience in Water Quality Testing

05.11.15 - CBF's new Brock center in VA goes off power, water grids

05.09.15 - Will a bass with cancer be enough to change the Department of Environmental Protection's mind about the Susquehanna River?

05.08.15 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation Continues Tradition of Building with the Bay in Mind

05.07.15 - Fisheries commission relaxes limits on menhaden

05.06.15 - Catch cap eased on menhaden, 'backbone' of East Coast fisheries

05.06.15 - Menhaden vote means jobs in Reedville

05.05.15 - Smallmouth Bass with Cancer Caught in Pennsylvania's Susquehanna River

04.30.15 - When they're debating the budget, Wolf & lawmakers can't forget Chesapeake Bay

04.28.15 - Gov. stops in PG for Earth Day

04.28.15 - Bay's crabs rebounding, survey finds

04.28.15 - Survey shows crab population up

04.27.15 - Region not on track to make nitrogen reduction goals

04.27.15 - Chesapeake's crab numbers rise first time in three years

04.27.15 - Report: Blue crab population experiencing modest growth

04.27.15 - Female crab population still worrisome

04.26.15 - Can the Chesapeake Bay (and its Signature Blue Crabs) Recover?

04.24.15 - Larry Hogan's PMT and the Chesapeake Bay

04.23.15 - Summit offers new approaches to Bay restoration

04.22.15 - Governor McAuliffe Signs Environmental Literacy Executive Order

04.22.15 - Teaching stewardship

04.22.15 - The Brock Center is our star to reach for this Earth Day!

04.21.15 - A Maryland-style Earth Day pledge

04.21.15 - Audio available More pollution flowing into Chesapeake Bay than expected

04.19.15 - Repeal of 'rain tax' requirement yet to trickle down to most area homeowners

04.18.15 - Floating classrooms foster love of nature

04.18.15 - 'Legends of the Fly' event expanding in second year

04.18.15 - "Anti-gardens" at Brock Environmental Center conserve water, lessen run-off

04.17.15 - Faith & Values: Dreaming green brings a rain garden

04.17.15 - Earth Day Across America

04.17.15 - Bel Air High Students Have Class on the Bay

04.16.15 - Phosphorus reg, fracking, stormwater fees, plastics all win General Assembly action

04.15.15 - Chesapeake Bay's surprising wins

04.15.15 - Talbot should support roadside ditch program

04.14.15 - Still a 'rain tax' by any other name?

04.14.15 - Council opts for reason on stormwater

04.14.15 - Rain tax repeal enacted; lone legislator says bill repeals little

04.14.15 - Hogan and legislators veered close, but wound up far apart

04.14.15 - Bay Foundation program lets you track ospreys, Woody and three friends, online

04.14.15 - Lowly oyster says a lot about health of Chesapeake Bay

04.13.15 - Living Building Challenge Energy and Water Documention Now Satisfies LEED Requirements

04.13.15 - Talbot County should fund ditch project

04.11.15 - Clean Water Forum informs Talbot residents

04.11.15 - Good Samaritans help find Chesapeake Bay oyster floats

04.11.15 - Virginia's aquaculture oyster, clam harvests set records

04.10.15 - Debate Continues on Dredging the Conowingo

04.09.15 - Stormwater fee bill unloved, but deserves backing

04.08.15 - Chesapeake Christian School Students Help Turtle Population Thrive

04.08.15 - Tuscarora High biology students plan to protect the oysters

04.07.15 - Talbot County Ditches Can Help Save the Bay

04.07.15 - Court faults state oversight of storm-water cleanup efforts

04.05.15 - Tangier oystermen thank those who helped them recover lost oyster cages

04.05.15 - Will dredging alleviate the Conowingo Dam sediment issue?

04.03.15 - Clean water forum set for Thursday

04.03.15 - Good Samaritans help recover lost Tangier oyster cages

04.02.15 - Miller Gets it Right on 'Rain Tax' Repeal

04.02.15 - VCU Rice Rivers Center partners with Charlottesville restaurants in oyster restoration program

04.02.15 - Palmyra students learn about watershed systems

04.02.15 - Hampton Roads shows 'Environmental Excellence'

04.01.15 - Leading the Way to Net Zero

04.01.15 - Pilot ditch project starts in Royal Oak

03.31.15 - Natural Bridge conservation fund receives gold award from Gov. Terry McAuliffe

03.31.15 - Pleasure House point environmental center wins award

03.26.15 - Chicken poop to power means winners on all fronts

03.25.15 - In the eagle doldrums? Watch ospreys make spring journey back to Chesapeake Bay

03.25.15 - Midshipman honored for rain barrel project

03.25.15 - Bipartisanship efforts yield improved 'rain tax'

03.25.15 - Bill aims to temporarily stall county WIPs

03.25.15 - Sweet smell of success

03.24.15 - Hogan claims he has done more for Bay in '60 days' than O'Malley could 'in eight years'

03.24.15 - Pennsylvania farms damaging Chesapeake

03.24.15 - Reports: PA, VA must add to, strengthen animal agriculture programs

03.24.15 - EPA 'ups animal ag ante' on PA efforts to clean up Chesapeake Bay

03.24.15 - Agreement reached on Md. phosphorus regulations

03.23.15 - Maryland Has a Plan to Turn Chicken Poop into Energy

03.23.15 - Arrival of ospreys signals arrival of spring

03.23.15 - Lawmakers reach PMT deal

03.23.15 - EPA gives poor marks to Pa. on protecting Chesapeake Bay watershed

03.22.15 - New plan seeks to turn chicken manure to energy

03.20.15 - City leaders doing right by business, clean water

03.19.15 - Video Hogan's PMT Moves Forward as Compromise is Reached

03.18.15 - Hogan, lawmakers reach compromise on chicken manure rules for farms

03.18.15 - Hogan, Democrats reach deal on farm pollution

03.18.15 - MD reaches compromise on phosphorus management tool

03.18.15 - Hopewell plant to help stem pollution

03.16.15 - Poll finds Marylanders confused over 'rain tax'

03.16.15 - Free breakfast workshop to discuss conservation programs

03.16.15 - EPA warns Pennsylvania is coming up short in making sure farmers have anti-runoff plans

03.14.15 - Q&A with Chesapeake Bay Foundation scientist Chris Moore

03.14.15 - Stream Conservation Working in Berks County

03.13.15 - The Bay matters

03.11.15 - Video The Brock Environmental Center is Alive

03.11.15 - Scientists: Road salts can harm water resources

03.10.15 - CBF announces watershed photo contest

03.09.15 - Audio available Wolf Budget "Investments Toward a $6 Billion Clean Water Payoff"

03.09.15 - Audio available Cleaning Chesapeake "Investments Toward a Huge Clean Water Payoff"

03.09.15 - Take the Classroom Outdoors

03.07.15 - Clarkson: Menhaden stock assessment draws attention

03.06.15 - Oyster cages from Tangier adrift in Chesapeake Bay

03.05.15 - Hard winter sets oyster-growing cages adrift in Chesapeake Bay

03.04.15 - Video The Phosphorus Dialogues: Alan Girard and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

03.04.15 - Around South County: Shady Side 5th graders save the bay, one notecard at a time

03.04.15 - Hucker to Testify Against Bill to Repeal State's Stormwater Management Protection

03.03.15 - Alison Prost: Don't Backtrack on the Bay

03.03.15 - Video Rain Tax Hearing Gets Stormy in Annapolis

03.03.15 - Sen. Mikulski announces retirement

03.03.15 - Trailblazer's departure leaves multiple voids

03.03.15 - President Obama, others on Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski

03.03.15 - Sen. Mikulski announces retirement

03.02.15 - Mikulski to retire

02.26.15 - Virginia receives federal grant to advance Chesapeake Bay cleanup

02.24.15 - Senate bill counters Hogan's phosphorus regs

02.24.15 - Lawmakers scrutinize Hogan farm pollution rules, mull taking own action

02.24.15 - Climate change is really bad news if you like oysters, scallops and clams

02.24.15 - New Phosphorus Rules from Governor

02.24.15 - Audio available "Rain Tax" Repeal: Campaign Fodder But a Budget Headache

02.24.15 - Gov. Hogan rolls out new phosphorus management plan

02.24.15 - Hogan announces fertilizer rules

02.23.15 - Let's follow Arkansas', Oklahoma's lead in controlling phosphorus

02.23.15 - Hogan proposes curbs on farm pollution

02.23.15 - Powered By Nature

02.23.15 - New review of menhaden stock reveals population is in good shape

02.23.15 - Gov. Hogan to address phosphorus regs today

02.20.15 - Hogan names Neall, Brady as UM regents

02.17.15 - Prost: "Rain Tax"

02.17.15 - Compromise over PMT sought for Hogan in Md.

02.16.15 - MD lawmakers introduce phosphorus rules bills in both chambers

02.16.15 - Clean-water advocate will be first speaker in nature series

02.15.15 - Audio available "Rain Tax" Repeal Brings Debate, Possible Lawsuits

02.11.15 - Video Promise kept: Gov. Larry Hogan's bill would repeal rain tax

02.10.15 - Larry Hogan aims to kill Martin O'Malley's 'rain tax'

02.10.15 - Gov. Hogan: No more taxing the rain

02.10.15 - Hogan unveils bill to repeal 'rain tax'

02.10.15 - Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan wants to kill the hated 'rain tax.' But can he?

02.09.15 - President Barack Obama's budget is mixed for Chesapeake Bay

02.09.15 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation names two VPs

02.07.15 - Governor Hogan, don't backtrack on the Chesapeake Bay

02.06.15 - Environmentalists criticize Hogan for waterway pollution regulation

02.05.15 - New survey finds higher menhaden totals

02.05.15 - Environmentalists troubled by Hogan's prescription for restoring Bay

02.05.15 - Obama budget is mixed for Chesapeake Bay

02.04.15 - Report: Chesapeake an ecosystem in recovery

02.03.15 - Students Urged to Play Important Role in Future of Environment

02.03.15 - Video Maryland's female blue crab population 'dangerously' low, Chesapeake Bay report shows

02.03.15 - Senate measure sees unlikely support over Conowingo Dam

02.03.15 - Full Chesapeake Bay cleanup could take decades

02.02.15 - The first rule of the Phosphorus Symposium: No one talks about the PMT

02.02.15 - Offshore Drilling Puts Fragile Virginia Coast at Risk

02.01.15 - Phosphorus management is common sense

02.01.15 - Wolf makes state forests, parks, off-limits to new drilling

01.30.15 - On the Front Lines of Mitigating Climate Change

01.28.15 - Environmental group warns of water supply damage in light of Hogan decision

01.28.15 - Virginia General Assembly tackles issues affecting the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed

01.28.15 - Hogan halts O'Malley regulations on fertilizer, coal power

01.28.15 - Eastern Shore planners discuss vision of rural prosperity

01.27.15 - Obama administration proposes offshore Atlantic drilling

01.27.15 - Obama's oil drilling proposal draws fire from environmentalists

01.27.15 - Hogan misses Republican dad's lesson on pollution

01.27.15 - Hogan shelves chicken manure rules

01.25.15 - Counties reconsider stormwater fees

01.24.15 - A new watering hole

01.23.15 - New Maryland Governor Opens an Assault on Environmental Protections

01.22.15 - Hogan's budget cuts environment funds, phosphorus regs

01.22.15 - Backtracking on the Bay

01.22.15 - PMT among regulations pulled by Hogan

01.22.15 - Hogan pulls back O'Malley regulations

01.22.15 - Most recent assessment indicates menhaden stock is not overfished

01.21.15 - Chesapeake Bay projects to get $19 million federal funding boost

01.21.15 - Newly minted Maryland governor pulls stronger phosphorus regs at last moment

01.21.15 - A new day dawns: Gov. Hogan ditches phosphorus regulations

01.21.15 - Counties aren't waiting for Larry Hogan to take on the 'rain tax'

01.21.15 - Don't downplay menhaden role in rockfish diets

01.20.15 - Despite protest, phosphorus rules set to change Feb. 2

01.20.15 - Audio available Chesapeake Bay Foundation Challenges Stormwater Permits

01.20.15 - Report: Atlantic menhaden are in better shape than regulators thought

01.20.15 - Environmental group prepares legal challenge to Frederick County's stormwater permit

01.19.15 - Wolf names leaders for Pennsylvania environmental agencies

01.17.15 - Baltimore County plan would cut stormwater management fee

01.15.15 - The Hogan environmental agenda

01.15.15 - Bay's grade unworthy of cheer

01.14.15 - What's polluting water in Washington County?

01.14.15 - Gov.-elect Wolf makes slew of selections for Cabinet-level positions

01.13.15 - Chesapeake Bay's health slowly improving

01.13.15 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation to focus on importance of grasses

01.09.15 - Review of smart-growth strategies anticipated under Hogan administration

01.09.15 - Report on bay deserves attention

01.09.15 - A manure solution for the Chesapeake Bay

01.09.15 - Report: Chesapeake Bay remains largely unchanged since 2012

01.08.15 - Counties discuss Bay, water issues

01.08.15 - Video Creating one of the world's greenest buildings

01.08.15 - A chance to save the Bay

01.07.15 - Report: Health of Chesapeake, local streams remains poor

01.07.15 - Report: Pennsylvania needs to step up farm runoff, stormwater controls for Bay cleanup

01.06.15 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation report gives bay a D+ for health

01.06.15 - Audio available Update on Health of Chesapeake Bay: Fragile

01.06.15 - CBF releases State of the Bay Report

01.06.15 - Report says the Chesapeake Bay is improving in areas but there is still reason for concern

01.06.15 - Video Chesapeake Bay Foundation Releases 2014 Report Card, Says Phosphorus Management Tool Needed

01.05.15 - Chesapeake Bay health not improved from 2012, according to CBF

01.05.15 - Md. groups closely watching new Congress, political landscape

01.05.15 - Audio available Chesapeake Bay is Getting Better, Sort Of

01.05.15 - Video Chesapeake Bay Health Improves, But Not Enough

01.05.15 - Chesapeake Bay's overall health remains largely unchanged, report finds

01.05.15 - Bay grade remains D+ despite improvements

01.04.15 - Ken Cuccinelli's post-politics endeavor: oyster farming

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