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Since 2010, WGL Energy, Sterling Planet, and CBF have had a unique partnership. In addition to contributing more than $500,000 to the CBF-directed Carbon Reduction Fund, both companies have also helped plant more than 10,000 trees throughout Maryland. These trees will remove carbon dioxide  from the air, provide important habitat for wildlife, and help clean up the Chesapeake Bay by filtering pollutants such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and sediment, before they reach our waterways.

"We all have a role to play in saving the Chesapeake Bay and WGL Energy is proud of this innovative partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Sterling Planet that enables our customers to improve the environment in their region," said Harry Warren, President, WGL Energy. "Offering WGL CleanSteps® Carbon Offsets to our residential, small commercial, and large commercial customers makes it possible to hold these tree planting events, which help make our air cleaner and our waterways healthier."

WGL CleanSteps® Carbon Offset product provides customers the ability to reduce their carbon footprint. All WGL standard natural gas supply contracts in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia include a baseline five percent match of carbon offsets to natural gas usage for residential customers and a three-and-a-half percent match for small commercial customers. All customers have the option of increasing the percentage of their natural gas usage that is matched with carbon offsets. A portion of all offset purchases supports the Carbon Reduction Fund, which is used to develop projects such as these tree plantings throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed region.

"Sterling Planet's mission is to improve lives today, while working to sustain the Earth for future generations. And this partnership offers an opportunity to do just that. We are pleased to work with WGL and CBF to reduce carbon impacts in the area, support new carbon-reducing projects, and help protect the Bay," said Mel Jones, president and chief executive officer of Sterling Planet, which supplies carbon offsets to WGL.

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