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What shares are on the menu this week?

Fred Delventhal

Nothing is guaranteed in life, and this is especially true in farming. We are generally limited by our climate, space and labor, and every year presents new surprises and challenges with rain, pests, plant disease and staffing interruptions. Part of the reason we grow such a diversity of crops is that every year some of them thrive and others fail, and we are grateful that there's always something to harvest, if not precisely what we were expecting.

Our farm can never create the reliable selection that you find at the grocery store, neither can we give you the option of choosing how much you want of most of the items we have available. So a CSA share is ideal for someone who is willing to try new foods, and can adapt their meals to suit the vegetables they have at hand. It also helps if you can comfortably get rid of the things you know you won't eat right away. Some people freeze their excess, some give it to friends and family, some feed it to their soil by composting it, and some choose not to take items they know they won't eat, which we then donate to agencies that come to our farm. People who feel guilty or cheated whenever they don't want the produce we're offering tend to be dissatisfied with a CSA share, no matter what kind of year we're having.

On the other hand, if you feel you need more vegetables in your diet, nothing is more encouraging then a CSA share. And if you prefer local and organic produce, then a CSA share can be a relief, because we only offer you what the Earth happens to give us most easily each week, without straining her resources, and without shocking you with an unreasonable price.

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