2019 Year in Review

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CBF's William C. Baker, President and Harry T. Lester, Chairman.

Vicki Cronis-Nohe

President's Letter

The condition of the Chesapeake Bay is a direct reflection of the federal-state partnership to restore it. In 2019, the partnership reached a critical juncture.

Success has never been closer. The blue crab population rose 60 percent, and underwater grass beds remained resilient even after a massive assault from record rainfall in 2018 and persistent wet weather early in 2019.

Still, many challenges remain. Climate change. Regulatory rollbacks. Pollution coming down the Susquehanna River. To meet these challenges, the historic Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint—a plan grounded in science—must be met. If it is, we will have clean, safe water and vibrant wildlife in our rivers, streams, and the Bay. But only if we implement it. Only if each of the seven jurisdictions that share the Bay watershed meets its pollution-reduction commitments by 2025.

The biggest hurdle to finishing the job is mustering the political will to put solutions in play. The partnership is only as strong as its weakest link. Pennsylvania is significantly behind. Its own water quality, as well as the Bay downstream, suffers. The Commonwealth's plan to remedy the situation is inadequate, threatening the success of the entire partnership.

But with your help, we will push the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure Pennsylvania complies with federal law and achieves its Blueprint goals—goals that will restore the Bay and ensure Pennsylvanians enjoy the clean, fishable, swimmable rivers and streams they deserve. We will continue to plant more trees, introduce more oysters, and raise citizen voices for clean water across the watershed.

If the Blueprint is enforced, we will save the Chesapeake Bay. Thank you for making our work possible.

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