What causes water pollution? What does water pollution cause? From polluted runoff from land to dead zones and algal blooms in our waters, everything has consequences.

    • Dead Zones

    VIMS Study Shows "Dead Zone" Impacts Bay Fishes

    (VIMS Press Release) A 10-year study of Chesapeake Bay fishes by researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science provides the first quantitative evidence on a bay-wide scale that low-oxygen "dead zones" are impacting the distribution and abundance of Atlantic croaker, white perch, spot, striped bass, and summer flounder, and others that live and feed near the Bay bottom.


    • Dead Zones

    How to Fish "Bad Water" & What Anglers Can Do About It

    Bad water costs our Bay a huge loss in summertime fish habitat. You can see it on your fishfinder and sonar if you know what to look for. Over the past 10 summers more than 80 percent of the Bay has qualified as "bad water;" it does not meet the EPA's water quality standards for dissolved oxygen.


    • Dead Zones

    Nutrients in the Bay

    Dr. Walter Boynton, a longtime researcher and teacher at the University of Maryland's Chesapeake Biological Laboratory in Solomons, is a plain-spoken scientist who has done some of the most valuable studies on which the Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Blueprint is built. He also comes from a New England fishing family, so his commitment to clean water and healthy fish habitat is central to who he is and how he lives. In this eight-minute video on Spark101.org, Dr. Boynton lays out clearly the problems that nitrogen pollution causes in the Chesapeake ecosystem.

    WATCH VIDEO on Spark101.org

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