Photo of the Week: Chesapeake Tradition

Photo of the Week: Chesapeake Tradition

Photo of freshly harvested home-grown oysters.

Home-grown oysters freshly harvested from Mobjack Bay.

Photo Credit: Tanner Council.

Oysters and rockfish are the crown jewels of our Thanksgiving tradition. For as long as I can remember, that Thursday always begins with a volley of roasted oysters and ends with a heroic slab of rockfish and my father’s homemade tartar. We have always caught our own rockfish whenever possible–but the oysters were a tougher nut to crack. Until now.
After familiarizing ourselves with CBF's oyster gardening restoration efforts, we decided to purchase 1000 seed oysters designed for consumption about 18 months ago. This year we started harvesting those beautiful and delicious bivalves straight off the dock in Mobjack Bay. Not only did they grow beautifully in those waters (very low mortality, low algae/barnacle growth), there was a whole next generation of smaller oysters recruiting on the cage and pilons nearby. It was a dream come true!
Food always seems to taste better when it’s been made with love–these oysters were no different. The family raved about them and marveled at what is possible when you let the Bay do its work.

Of course, none of this would be possible without clean water. While we all reap the rewards of the Bay, we all have a role in protecting the resource as well. For our part, all the oyster shells were recycled back into oyster restoration efforts and our entire family remains vigilant in our desire to Save the Bay.

—Tanner Council/CBF Staff

Ensure that Tanner and future generations continue to enjoy extraordinary sights and places like these along the Chesapeake. Support the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint—the plan to Save the Bay and its waters!

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