CBF in the News 2016

11.02.16 - Percolating our way to a cleaner Bay

11.01.16 - Foundation announces annual Anne Arundel philanthropy awards

10.31.16 - On the James, environmental advocacy targets Hispanic population

10.31.16 - More resources can help clean up Pennsylvania's waterways

10.31.16 - CV student earns FFA national award

10.31.16 - Researchers still uncertain of bacteria source in Frederick County waterways

10.31.16 - Video available Chesapeake Bay Foundation charity bibs available for Across the Bay 10K

10.31.16 - Stevenson's Reef Ball Project

10.29.16 - Volunteers work in Canton 'oyster garden'

10.28.16 - Fisheries Commission raises menhaden catch limits

10.28.16 - School on water

10.28.16 - Video available Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Votes to Increase Menhaden Quotas

10.28.16 - MDE Approves Counties' Stormwater Financial Plans, Environmentalists Critical

10.27.16 - Fisheries panel, after failed last try, agrees on increase in menhaden harvest

10.27.16 - Happy Homes for Oysters

10.27.16 - Regulators increase menhaden quota, which could help ease bait fish shortage

10.26.16 - Menhaden catch cap eased, pleasing no one

10.26.16 - PA municipalities begin uphill paddle to reach runoff goals, one stroke at a time

10.25.16 - Stormwater cleanup shortcut shouldn't be OK'd

10.25.16 - A waypoint towards Atlantic fisheries recovery

10.24.16 - Hands needed to protect creek in Woodsboro

10.23.16 - CBF building exhibits a resilient future

10.22.16 - As stormwater improvement deadlines approach, county seeks flexibility

10.21.16 - More money sought for Bay cleanup

10.21.16 - Oyster aquaculture forum set for Nov. 3 in Easton

10.21.16 - Kent School Collaborates with National Aquarium

10.18.16 - Video available Chasing gulls chasing the Chesapeake Bay anchovy

10.18.16 - Huntingtown High group hosts Bay restoration, conservation event

10.17.16 - Canoe trip provides pathway to learning

10.17.16 - Slowing the flow: Fixing flooding with gardens and wetlands

10.17.16 - Flaws alleged in MD localities' stormwater plans

10.17.16 - 8-inch blue crab surprises students

10.13.16 - Saving the Bay, One Oyster at a Time

10.13.16 - Students take educational cruise to Port Isobel West

10.13.16 - Chesapeake Bay has its own king crab: Giant blue is caught in Harford County

10.13.16 - High school students on Maryland boat tour encounter massive blue crab

10.12.16 - Giant blue crab caught by Maryland high school students

10.11.16 - Giant Blue Crab in the Chesapeake Bay

10.11.16 - Check out this giant crab found near Havre de Grace

10.11.16 - The Sellers: A Carroll County farm family since 1888

10.11.16 - Students paddle Susquehanna with teacher who's seen it all

10.10.16 - Bay Foundation program lets participants help restore grass beds with home kits

10.10.16 - Nature up close: Chesapeake Bay

10.10.16 - $28.5 million committed to Pennsylvania's Chesapeake watershed cleanup

10.10.16 - Audio available Bringing up baby oysters in Baltimore's Inner Harbor

10.09.16 - Brendan Leary awarded Eagle Scout after leading Chesapeake Bay oyster recovery project

10.08.16 - Oyster Stroll crowd takes note of Bay Foundation shell recycling

10.08.16 - Bay Journal's covered ebb, flow of Chesapeake issues for 25 years

10.06.16 - Chesapeake Bay conservation mandate gets state, federal funding boost

10.06.16 - PA receives $28 million for Chesapeake cleanup efforts aimed at agriculture

10.05.16 - Restoring wetlands: Chestnut Creek Farm owners install environmental improvements

10.05.16 - Audio available PA Gets Critical Funds to Reduce Pollution from Farms

10.05.16 - $28 million headed to southcentral Pennsylvania farmers for pollution control

10.04.16 - PA's lagging Bay cleanup gets fiscal transfusion

10.04.16 - NRCS, EPA, PA commit another $28 million for Chesapeake Bay cleanup work in PA

10.04.16 - Crosby Celebrates Fourth Annual "Inspiring Actions That Matter Day of Service"

10.01.16 - Ag Week to Showcase Lancaster County's Finest

09.30.16 - Harbor East Marina Adds 25 Oyster Cages to Inner Harbor's Eco-Friendly Collection

09.29.16 - Can eating oysters save the Chesapeake Bay?

09.29.16 - Growing number of watermen could pose threat to oyster comeback

09.29.16 - Commonwealth environmental responsibility

09.28.16 - Harbor East Marina to install oyster cages to help reduce harbor water pollution

09.27.16 - Swim portion of Nation's Triathlon canceled due to E.coli pollution

09.26.16 - Video available Chambersburg students explore lakes, streams

09.26.16 - Borrow a nature book from the new Free Lending Library at Pleasure House Point

09.24.16 - Kingsmill restaurant joins effort to recycle oyster shells

09.23.16 - Outdoorsmen must defend our outdoors

09.22.16 - PA fish official battles other agencies over status of Susquehanna

09.22.16 - The Susquehanna River is our outdoor classroom

09.22.16 - Saving the Susquehanna River

09.22.16 - Video available Cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay; Quality improving

09.22.16 - Bay pollution loads reduce between 2014-15

09.21.16 - Chesapeake Bay: Barometer of the Environment

09.21.16 - Chesapeake Bay pollution dropped dramatically in 2015, advocates credit the weather

09.21.16 - Researchers: Strong, positive trends for Chesapeake Bay cleanup

09.21.16 - 2015 Bay water quality was fourth best since 1985

09.21.16 - Video available A cleaner Chesapeake Bay

09.20.16 - USDA funding would help farmers clean Bay

09.19.16 - Sen. Richard Alloway wants to reboot Growing Greener

09.19.16 - CBF calls for five PA counties to jumpstart cleanup

09.18.16 - What's in the midstate water?

09.17.16 - Video available Some fear a fix for Kent Island sewage will trigger more development

09.16.16 - CBF op-ed argues stormwater runoff not just an urban problem

09.16.16 - Chesapeake Girl Scout recycles oyster shells in effort to help local waterways

09.16.16 - Bad news for black bass

09.16.16 - Foundation requesting $20 million for Susquehanna

09.15.16 - Floating classroom provides hands-on learning

09.15.16 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation calls for $20 million to fight pollution in Susquehanna River basin

09.15.16 - Video available Shark spotted in the Chesapeake Bay

09.15.16 - Shark sightings in the Chesapeake Bay

09.15.16 - Smoots Bay project looking for volunteers this weekend

09.14.16 - 'Rain tax' helps fight polluted runoff in county streams

09.14.16 - Video available Shark sighting in Chesapeake Bay

09.14.16 - $11.5M in federal grants aimed at cleaner Chesapeake Bay

09.14.16 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation calls for $20 million in farm remediation

09.13.16 - York County targeted for its river pollution

09.13.16 - Boost federal aid to PA farmers, group urges

09.13.16 - Crossroads students canoe river

09.13.16 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation urges York County to reduce pollution

09.13.16 - Franklin County targeted for Bay pollution

09.13.16 - Audio available Hopewell on trak to clean up the James

09.12.16 - Largemouth bass reef project seeks volunteers

09.09.16 - Environmental Groups, State, Universities, Team Up for Precision Conservation

09.09.16 - Natural gas-fueled plant: Good or bad? In Chesapeake, it all depends

09.09.16 - Audio available Climate change threatens wildlife, people of Chesapeake

09.08.16 - Farmers take boating trip along Chesapeake Bay

09.08.16 - Ellicott City flood prompts call for nine-month freeze on development

09.07.16 - Would eating fewer burgers be good for the Bay?

09.07.16 - Eat less meat, save the Chesapeake Bay, experts say

09.07.16 - Keep it at Bay

09.07.16 - Tred Avon oyster restoration resumes for the time being

09.06.16 - VA middle schools embrace agriscience education, FFA

09.03.16 - Future Harvest CASA Receives Grant for Beginning Farmers

09.01.16 - City nets $315K in river restoration grant

08.31.16 - Audio available Doing Your Part to Save the Bay

08.31.16 - We should ramp up Bay restoration, not roll back protections

08.31.16 - Bacteria remains concern in small Frederick County waterways

08.31.16 - Audio available The Atlantic Sturgeon could be the poster fish for Chesapeake Bay health

08.30.16 - New tool helps citizens reduce nitrogen load on Chesapeake Bay

08.30.16 - Tool identifies individual contributions to nitrogen overload in Chesapeake Bay

08.30.16 - Harford County has multiple stormwater remediation projects in the works

08.30.16 - Audio available Chesapeake Bay Foundation finds E. Coli pollution up to 100 times state standards at Richmond area recreation spots

08.28.16 - Pollutants detected in waterways popular among trout anglers

08.28.16 - Water quality alarms sound

08.26.16 - Video available Creeks, river show highest bacteria levels after rain

08.26.16 - Study finds pollution in Dauphin, Cumberland streams

08.26.16 - High levels of fecal bacteria found in Harford streams for second year

08.26.16 - Fecal matter in White Marsh Run more than 400 times healthy levels

08.26.16 - Video available Excessive fecal bacteria found in Maryland waterways

08.25.16 - Unsafe levels of fecal bacteria found in streams across Baltimore region

08.25.16 - River Stone joins S.O.S.

08.25.16 - Pennsylvania waterways show 'serious spikes' in E. Coli, bacteria, studies show

08.25.16 - Water testing shows E. coli spikes in Yellow Breeches, Conodoguinet

08.24.16 - Summer water monitoring again finds high fecal bacteria in Harford streams

08.24.16 - Tests find high levels of fecal matter in Md., Va. streams and rivers

08.24.16 - Tests find high levels of fecal matter in streams, rivers

08.24.16 - High levels of human and animal fecal material found in Maryland waterways

08.24.16 - Tests find bacteria levels in Maryland bodies of water far above federal safety standards

08.23.16 - Rollback of septic system requirements raises questions about Bay impact

08.23.16 - The septic backslide

08.23.16 - Churchton Critical Area project pushing ahead

08.20.16 - Offshore trawler bycatch suspected in disappearance of shad

08.19.16 - Video available Recycled oysters improve water quality in Norfolk's Lafayette River

08.18.16 - Plenty to do and see outdoors as August winds down

08.16.16 - Millions of oysters going into Lafayette River

08.12.16 - Senator sees results from conservation funding

08.10.16 - A great program for the Bay

08.09.16 - Afloat with CBF

08.09.16 - Drought having negative impact on fishing

08.09.16 - DEP ruling impaired

08.07.16 - Agency needs more data to declare the Susquehanna 'impaired'

08.07.16 - PA's 'reboot' strategy to improve water quality off to slow start

08.07.16 - Oyster population in protected areas of Chesapeake shows signs of renewal

08.06.16 - ASFMC board punts on bunker decision

08.05.16 - Oyster trail leads to the Bay's beds and to fine restaurants everywhere

08.04.16 - Atlantic fisheries panel can't agree on menhaden limits

08.04.16 - Regulators fail to decide on 2017 Atlantic menhaden harvest cap

08.03.16 - Charting a course for clean water

08.03.16 - Sustainability leaders turn to wellness and technology to get an edge

08.03.16 - DEP river report worries outdoor enthusiasts, activists

08.03.16 - Editorial: River health is on us

08.02.16 - Pennsylvania declares Susquehanna stretch impaired for recreation

08.02.16 - Maryland panel agrees to resume Tred Avon oyster restoration

08.02.16 - Oyster population in protected areas of Chesapeake shows signs of renewal

08.02.16 - Video available Watermen, environmentalists praise compromise allowing Tred Avon oyster restoration to resume

08.02.16 - Video available Environmental groups worrying success could impact oyster recovery efforts

08.02.16 - State DEP declares portion of Susquehanna River 'impaired'

08.01.16 - State again refuses to list Susquehanna as impaired because of bass decline

08.01.16 - Review finds Maryland oysters thriving in sanctuaries, not so much elsewhere

08.01.16 - Oyster population in protected areas of Chesapeake shows signs of renewal

07.30.16 - Video available Oysters should have a ball

07.30.16 - Paddleboarders, canoers, kayakers turn out for 19th annual race on Chesapeake Bay

07.29.16 - Susquehanna ailing but not impaired, Pennsylvania says

07.29.16 - Video available Reef balls make maiden deployment for oyster habitat

07.27.16 - A Currency Drop

07.26.16 - Conference to showcase water quality restoration efforts in the Choptank watershed

07.25.16 - Video available Maryland oyster programs among largest in the country

07.24.16 - Loss of tax incentives could doom super-efficient heating/cooling system

07.23.16 - Video available Annapolis High IB graduate rows to success

07.24.16 - NOAA deploys another smart buoy in the Bay

07.22.16 - Can what's good for the Chesapeake reap benefits for farms?

07.21.16 - Lake pays for the price of runoff

07.20.16 - Chesapeake Bay grasses on the rebound

07.19.16 - Chesapeake under Congressional attack

07.19.16 - Catfish Blues: Rule Threatens Native Species

07.18.16 - Dolphins more common in Potomac than previously thought

07.18.16 - Video available Dolphins making a splash in rivers near Annapolis

07.18.16 - 19th annual Paddle for the Bay event set for July 30

07.18.16 - Video available Dolphin sightings delight county residents

07.17.16 - Susquehanna cleanup stalled

07.17.16 - LTE: Protecting the Bay

07.17.16 - Further excavations planned to find Indian village

07.15.16 - Video available Appropriations bill could spell trouble for Chesapeake Bay

07.14.16 - House votes to restrict EPA oversight power in Bay cleanup

07.14.16 - Video available Bay cleanup efforts threatened by House bill

07.14.16 - Tidewater Oyster Gardeners Association demonstrate educational reef at Camp Kekoka

07.14.16 - Environmental education center in Virginia Beach recognized with major sustainability award

07.14.16 - Incredible net-zero energy Brock Envrionmental Center turns rainwater into drinking water

07.14.16 - Lafayette progress shows hard work's payoff

07.13.16 - Environmental group for moms tackles childhood hunger in Virginia Beach, nationwide

07.12.16 - Kingston, Lehman Townships receive grants for stormwater management

07.12.16 - Field Day to Explore CREP, Stream Buffers

07.12.16 - Don't waste energy pursuing offshore wind power

07.11.16 - Dinosaurs of the Chesapeake Bay

07.09.16 - Healthy and abundant Bay grasses worth celebrating

07.08.16 - Teachers learn clean water lessons

07.08.16 - After years of work, the Lafayette River in Norfolk finally is looking healthier

07.06.16 - State proposes to ease fall fertilizer restrictions on farmers

07.06.16 - TVEC students raise money for Chesapeake Bay Foundation

07.06.16 - Should the United States Save Tangier Island from Oblivion?

07.06.16 - Hogan administration eyes relaxing Maryland farm pollution regulation

07.06.16 - County adopts clean water resolution

07.05.16 - Pennsylvania lags on Chesapeake Bay clean-up

07.05.16 - Program looks at the benefit of stream buffers in area farming

06.30.16 - Maryland weighs delay, changes in farm pollution regulation

06.30.16 - Video available A Chesapeake Bay River So Clear, You Can Snorkel in It

06.30.16 - Raising Oysters for a Healthy Harbor in Baltimore

06.29.16 - Area governor's school students learn by seeing and doing on annual summer trip

06.29.16 - Trading bad habits for better water

06.28.16 - "Is It Safe to Swim in the Chesapeake?" and All of Your Other Questions about the Bay, Answered

06.28.16 - Audio available Loopers: Traversing the 'Appalachian Trail on Water'

06.28.16 - Snyder county residents invited to learn more about local streams

06.28.16 - Sustainable Buildings Award 2016 final shortlist announced

06.27.16 - Blue-green algae choking our waterways is a sympton; government is the problem

06.27.16 - Maryland watermen banned for life following rockfish poaching convictions

06.27.16 - Pennsylvania not meeting all targets in Chesapeake Bay cleanup

06.26.16 - John Smith Chesapeake Trail celebrates 10 years

06.25.16 - Cambria County adopts clean water resolution

06.24.16 - EPA marks Pa. farms for Chesapeake Bay cleanup

06.24.16 - Rotting sea lettuce creates stink

06.24.16 - Susquehanna River deals with number of issues

06.20.16 - Liquid Asset

06.20.16 - Audio available PA Falling Short of EPA Water Milestones

06.19.16 - Will a great year for Chesapeake Bay crabs mean a great year for watermen?

06.17.16 - EPA: States behind in tackling Chesapeake pollution problems

06.17.16 - Audio available EPA report: 3 states fall short of Chesapeake Bay pollution goals

06.17.16 - Video available Chesapeake Bay Foundation addresses issues with Susquehanna River

06.17.16 - Video available Agencies find common concern in Susquehanna

06.17.16 - EPA: Chesapeake Bay goals not likely to be met in 2017

06.16.16 - Video available Hampton students spend year growing oysters for Elizabeth Lake reef

06.15.16 - Scientists expect slightly smaller Chesapeake Bay dead zone this summer

06.15.16 - Long slog ahead for new attempt to move shad past Conowingo, other dams

06.14.16 - A comeback on the Bay

06.14.16 - On the Bay: Chesapeake's no oxygen 'dead zone' to be average or smaller

06.14.16 - Seminars help homeowners learn to raise oysters

06.13.16 - Average 'dead zone' expected this summer, despite clearer water

06.13.16 - Scientists release summer 'dead zone' estimates for Bay

06.13.16 - Naval Station Norfolk Sailors participate in Clean the Bay Day

06.12.16 - Conservationist gives tour of his river work

06.12.16 - Clean the Bay Day volunteers tackle Suffolk's waterways

06.09.16 - SmithGroupJJR's Brock Environmental Center converts rain into drinkable water

06.10.16 - Raising awareness about the Bay

06.08.16 - Local farmers help save the Bay

06.08.16 - Video available Virginia farmers pitching in to purify waterways

06.07.16 - Chesapeake Bay awareness at the forefront this week 

06.06.16 - Hopewell volunteers among thousands at 'Clean the Bay Day'

06.06.16 - 2,290 pounds of litter collected on Bay Day

06.06.16 - Tabb woman champions Chesapeake Bay in charity competition

06.05.16 - Horseshoe crabs crawl back

06.01.16 - Regulators offer Baltimore another 14 1/2 years to fix chronic sewage problems

06.01.16 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation to Teach Seminars on Oyster Gardening

06.01.16 - County urges state to pay to clean up streams

05.31.16 - How Baltimore's Clean Harbor Mandate Filled People's Homes with Sewage

05.31.16 - Participate in the 28th Annual Clean the Bay Day in Hampton Roads

05.31.16 - Video available Foundation, volunteers set to tackle VA's waters for 'Clean the Bay Day'

05.31.16 - 8 things to do in the D.C. area the week of May 31-June 5

05.31.16 - The Case of the Missing Energy Model

05.31.16 - The World Is Their Oyster

05.25.16 - The war over Chesapeake Bay

05.25.16 - Ultra-Green Brock Center Certified as a 'Living Building'

05.25.16 - EPA chief calls Pennsylvania's lagging Bay cleanup "discouraging"

05.24.16 - Virginia State Parks to celebrate National Trails Day

05.24.16 - Across the Bay 10K partners with Charm City Run

05.23.16 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation hosts educational program

05.23.16 - Fairfield students canoe for environment

05.23.16 - Williamsburg seeking volunteers for 'Clean the Bay Day'

05.22.16 - Video available Susquehanna Watershed Education Program

05.20.16 - Video available After 10 months of nurturing, volunteer oyster gardeners cut 'youngsters' loose

05.19.16 - How Pennsylvania farmers can help the Chesapeake Bay raise its "C" grade

05.18.16 - Bay getting cleaner

05.18.16 - Chesapeake blue crab rebound 'a success story'

05.17.16 - Scientists give Chesapeake Bay its highest environmental grade since 1992

05.17.16 - Scientists are feeling good about a 'C' grade for Chesapeake Bay

05.17.16 - Broad gains in Bay health seen in 2015

05.17.16 - New Smith Trail guide helps boaters, like Looping couple, plan trips on Rappahannock River

05.16.16 - Officials vow VA will protect watershed if pipeline goes ahead

05.14.16 - Video available Sewage soiling thousands of city basements, but another decade of repairs loom

05.12.16 - CBF's Brock Center declared a 'living building'

05.12.16 - Virginia Beach's Brock Center one of the first buldings in the world to earn elite green honor

05.12.16 - Audio available Moving the Classroom Outdoors

05.11.16 - Susquehanna aside, good news about Bay

05.10.16 - Yaw resolution designates Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week

05.10.16 - Exploring the Link between Waterways and Art: Next Blue Planet Forum at the Chrysler

05.09.16 - The Inner Harbor's latest 'F'

05.09.16 - Benefits of soil health extend beyond farm

05.09.16 - Bay Foundation Receives Arbor Day Award for Tree Plantings

05.08.16 - Harbor posts failing grades in water quality report card again, pushing 'swimmable' goal further out of reach

05.06.16 - Environmentalists question declining pollution enforcement in Md.

05.06.16 - Environmental leaders tell MDE to crack down on polluters

05.06.16 - Drop in environmental enforcement in Maryland draws activists' concern

05.04.16 - Despite progress, states likely to fall short of interim cleanup targets

05.02.16 - Tree Plantings at Root of Bay Foundation's Award

04.30.16 - Chesapeake Bay underwater grasses expand to highest level in 3 decades, survey says

04.28.16 - Survey finds strong growth of underwater grasses in Chesapeake Bay

04.26.16 - Alloway to participate in tree-planting event

04.25.16 - Deal reached on fish, eel passage at Conowingo Dam

04.22.16 - Gov. McAuliffe celebrates National Environmental Education Week with Virginia Beach middle-schoolers

04.21.16 - Earth Day and every day, Brock Center soars past expectations

04.21.16 - Virginia Natural Gas awards $30,000 to environmental groups

04.20.16 - Students sort trees for a healthy environment

04.20.16 - City leaders to discuss preparations for sea level rise

04.20.16 - McAuliffe to tour Brock Environmental Center Thursday

04.19.16 - Video available Levels of pollutant reduce in Chesapeake Bay, new study finds

04.19.16 - New data show Chesapeake Bay pollutants dropping

04.19.16 - Eb tide for Bay pollution

04.17.16 - Decision on diseased Susquehanna bass delayed

04.17.16 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation urges action on Susquehanna

04.15.16 - June 4-12 Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week

04.14.16 - Students gain concrete skills by building oyster reef balls

04.13.16 - Reef ball construction at CAT North

04.13.16 - Maryland set to conduct more detailed oyster survey after Assembly passes controversial bill

04.13.16 - Maryland lawmakers act on climate change, land preservation, pollinators, and oysters

04.13.16 - Video available Department of Natural Resources survey shows healthy crab population

04.13.16 - Susquehanna named one of country's 'most endangered rivers'

04.13.16 - Susquehanna named third most-endangered river in U.S. by environmental group

04.13.16 - The Chesapeake Bay blue crab population is up 35 percent

04.12.16 - York legislators to discuss clean water issues

04.12.16 - City group to host talk ahead of Earth Day

04.12.16 - Video available Blue crab population increase could lead to looser regulations

04.12.16 - DNR: crab populations up

04.12.16 - Video available Crab survey shows growing population in Chesapeake

04.12.16 - Video available Chesapeake blue crab population grows 35 percent; DNR predicts 'robust' season

04.12.16 - Dredge survey finds Bay crab stocks up

04.12.16 - 4th Annual Youth Conservation Leadership Camp

04.11.16 - Creating jobs—and environmental awareness

04.08.16 - Howard plan to 'restore development rights' divides farming community

04.08.16 - Web cameras offer live bird's-eye view of ospreys

04.07.16 - More boots on the ground needed to inspect erosion at building sites

04.07.16 - Volunteers sought for 'Clean the Bay Day'

04.06.16 - Register for Clean the Bay Day

04.06.16 - Oyster study debate heats up in Maryland

04.06.16 - Senator: Oyster bill addresses a serious problem

04.06.16 - Farmers asked to fill Chesapeake Bay survey

04.05.16 - The ospreys are back in Northern Neck

04.05.16 - Video available Maryland Watermen Head to Annapolis for Oyster Bill Hearing

04.05.16 - Controversial Churchton housing plan appealed

04.04.16 - Newest 'Living Building' in the World Uses Its Own Energy and Water, Generates No Waste

04.04.16 - OSI's board members, grantees, fellows shine at Light City

04.04.16 - Ospreys 'thriving' in Chesapeake despite lingering toxins, study finds

04.04.16 - One of the world's greenest buildings 14 feet above sea level prepares for climate change

04.04.16 - Oyster study bill advances despite watermen objections

04.04.16 - Hopkins, BGE announce major job initiative with 25 Baltimore companies

04.01.16 - Virginia's Coastline Hosts the Newest 'Living Building' in the World

04.01.16 - Severna Park osprey camera goes live

03.31.16 - Just say no to weeds, organically

03.31.16 - Virginia lawmakers OK millions for farm BMPs, sewage plants

03.31.16 - Volunteers being sought for Clean the Bay Day

03.30.16 - Volunteers needed for annual Clean the Bay Day

03.30.16 - Volunteers sought for 'Clean the Bay Day'

03.30.16 - Volunteers needed for annual Clean the Bay Day

03.29.16 - USGS' enlarged monitoring network providing better pollution data

03.29.16 - Video available BGE Trying to Keep Osprey away from Live Electric Lines

03.29.16 - No public accounting for Baltimore's sewage problem

03.26.16 - Still a long way to go in cleaning up Virginia's waters

03.25.16 - Chesterfield residents speak on budget issues during public hearings

03.25.16 - Iffy future seen for some Bay marshes as sea level rises

03.25.16 - State, federal agencies: Pennsylvania Farm Bureau's dire warning not true

03.24.16 - CBF-PA Congratulates Fish & Boat Commission on Its 150th Anniversary

03.24.16 - Spread the word about fertilizers

03.24.16 - Audio available Scholarships Available for "Teachers on the Bay" Class

03.24.16 - OysterFutures project kicks off discussions about fishing and restoration

03.23.16 - Cleaning up Chesapeake Bay

03.23.16 - Most residents at Chesterfield board meeting show support for stormwater fee

03.22.16 - This evening, save water by drinking beer

03.22.16 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation launches annual photo contest

03.22.16 - Lower Shore manure numbers revealed

03.20.16 - CBF discusses Shore initiative in Cecil

03.19.16 - Chesterfield to consider stormwater utility; cost to homes would be $24 annually

03.18.16 - Report: Nutrients upstream biggest concern with Conowingo Dam

03.18.16 - Grab the hand sanitizer, hold your nose, and paddle for a healthy harbor

03.18.16 - MD wants to take shells for oyster project from prime fishing reef

03.18.16 - MDE, MDA join forces to establish nutrient trading

03.16.16 - Federal offshore drilling plan takes Atlantic off the map

03.15.16 - Obama administration retreats from offshore Atlantic drilling

03.15.16 - Let's Heal the Sick Susquehanna

03.14.16 - Excessive phosphorus levels measured on 18 percent of Maryland farmland

03.14.16 - MDA: Most farmland not affected by PMT

03.14.16 - Potentially polluting phosphorus levels in 18 percent of Maryland farm fields, state says

03.14.16 - Bill could pay Harris Creek boat damages

03.12.16 - Challenge to stormwater permits denied by Maryland's highest court

03.12.16 - Pleasure House Point really taking off in Virginia Beach

03.11.16 - Maryland stormwater permits upheld, rejecting complaints they're not tough enough

03.11.16 - At Maryland farms, manure comes up missing

03.11.16 - Harford authorized to spend $200,000 for outside lawyers in 'rain tax,' rubblefill cases

03.10.16 - Pass the Horseradish!

03.08.16 - Watermen oppose oyster study

03.08.16 - Sexual oddities plague bass in Chesapeake Bay tributaries

03.04.16 - Thumbs up for reef balls

03.04.16 - Environmentalists fight proposal to fill Stumpy Lake wetlands for development...again

03.04.16 - Lobbying didn't stop plan for a cleaner Bay

03.02.16 - Never a better day for the Chesapeake Bay

03.01.16 - Pennsylvania's "reboot" of Bay cleanup plan faces criticism

03.01.16 - Supreme Court ends challenge to the Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan

03.01.16 - Supreme Court won't hear lawsuit against EPA

03.01.16 - Supreme Court ends challenge to the Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan

03.01.16 - Audio available Clean Water Blueprint Upheld

02.29.16 - Supreme Court denies hearing Farm Bureau's case against EPA

02.29.16 - Supreme Court rejects challenge to Bay cleanup plan

02.29.16 - Panelists urge cooperation between agricultural and environmental communities

02.29.16 - Supreme Court won't hear Bay cleanup appeal

02.29.16 - Supreme Court Refuses to Take up Case Challenging the Cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay

02.29.16 - Video available High Court Rejects Challenge to Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Plan

02.29.16 - Supreme Court refuses to hear Bay cleanup challenge

02.29.16 - Supreme Court turns away case challenging legality of Bay cleanup

02.29.16 - Supreme Court declines to hear case challenging Chesapeake Bay 'pollution diet'

02.29.16 - U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear challenge to Chesapeake Bay cleanup

02.29.16 - Supreme Court ruling on Chesapeake Bay cleanup shows need to improve water quality in Pa.

02.29.16 - High court rejects challenge to Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan

02.28.16 - PA plan says it will increase ag inspections, plant more trees

02.28.16 - Assembly weighs funding to improve the Bay

02.24.16 - Bill to cleanup chicken manure pits environmental groups against poultry industry

02.24.16 - What to do with chicken poo

02.21.16 - Approve funding to keep Virginia waters clean

02.18.16 - Website tracks progress of Chesapeake Bay restoration

02.17.16 - Environmental funding dominos fall as price of natural gas drops

02.14.16 - Poultry, the environment, and Delmarva

02.13.16 - MDA secretary talks poultry with Shore reps

02.13.16 - Restoring Virginia's waterways depends on support this GA session

02.11.16 - New stink arises from chicken poop

02.11.16 - Restoring the Chesapeake Bay is an on-going, important process

02.09.16 - Video available Can natural infrastructure help protect Hampton Roads from flooding?

02.09.16 - Video available Local leaders to meet, discuss rising sea levels

02.08.16 - Panel discussion on food production and a clean Bay

02.08.16 - State must invest in its new clean water plan

02.05.16 - Report: Maryland must diversify pollution reduction efforts

02.05.16 - Energyworks: A Company Turning Chicken Waste to Watts and More

02.03.16 - Maryland loses $1M in oyster restoration funding after Tred Avon River project is delayed

02.03.16 - Feds restore $3 million to Pennsylvania for Chesapeake Bay cleanup

02.03.16 - A proposed Maryland law wants to make big chicken producers responsible for dealing with their poop

02.02.16 - Maryland lawmakers take aim at chicken manure

02.02.16 - Video available CBF: Chesapeake Bay on the right track

02.02.16 - Video available Schuh backs bill to raise cap on oyster shell recycling tax credit

02.02.16 - Maryland chicken farmers seek relief from new manure rules

02.02.16 - Shore reps say manure bill is bull

02.02.16 - Video available Md. poultry companies urged to pick up bay cleaning tab

02.02.16 - Md. lawmakers address poultry waste, oyster restoration

02.02.16 - DEP's revised Chesapeake Bay strategy draws $3M in federal funds

02.02.16 - MD, VA lawmakers grapple with Bay-related issues

01.30.16 - Conservation and clean water highly supported by Virginians

02.01.16 - Pa. faces clean water regulatory 'armageddon'

01.29.16 - Cheers for regional stormwater plan

01.29.16 - Pa. reboots' Bay cleanup with survey, inspections

01.29.16 - Standing Legislation a Priority for Leading Environmental Group

01.29.16 - Chesterfield confronts cost of addressing storm water runoff

01.29.16 - Crabbers find pots of money in abandoned fishing gear

01.27.16 - On the Bay: Sea level expert visit, cover crops set record

01.26.16 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation Board Elects Harry T. Lester Chairman

01.26.16 - Harry Lester elected chair of Chesapeake Bay Foundation board

01.26.16 - U.S. Green Building Council releases its annual Top 10 States for LEED Green Building

01.24.16 - Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy names Horstman executive director

01.23.16 - Menhaden discussion likely not going away anytime soon

01.22.16 - Chicken manure bill back in Maryland

01.21.16 - Oyster restoration work should continue

01.21.16 - Proposed stormwater fee phase-out causes flurry of opposition at Howard County Council hearing

01.20.16 - Small towns, big challenges

01.20.16 - Hogan's $42 billion budget not causing much indigestion—yet

01.20.16 - Video available Hogan's budget plan contains $36M in tax, fee reductions

01.20.16 - CBF, U.S. Justice ask Supreme Court to rebuff challenge to Chesapeake pollution diet

01.20.16 - Bald 'Eagle Cam' links eagle comeback with water quality

01.19.16 - Senate Committee Hears Bill Creating 'Lockbox' on Chesapeake Bay Trust Fund, Among Others

01.19.16 - Trading ideas on how to trade pollution

01.17.16 - Water quality advocates press for reforms as city negotiates new deadline to stop sewage leaks

01.17.16 - Scientists, watermen work together in new study to preserve oyster industry

01.16.16 - Clearer water reported in Bay

01.15.16 - Environmental Groups Outline 2016 Legislative and Budget Initiatives

01.15.16 - Congress responds to delay in Tred Avon oyster restoration work

01.14.16 - Environmental groups take on chicken manure in Maryland

01.13.16 - Watermen seek, win, halt in Tred Avon oyster restoration project

01.13.16 - Video available Hogan Administration halts plans to bring oysters back to Chesapeake

01.13.16 - Bay groups react to halted oyster restoration

01.11.16 - Nutrient trading highlighted at symposium

01.11.16 - Reef ball project aims to return habitat, fish to Smoots Bay area of Potomac River

01.09.16 - As General Assembly session begins, it's Hogan vs. Democrats

01.08.16 - Environmental organizations discuss legislative wish list

01.08.16 - Tred Avon oyster restoration delayed

01.07.16 - Little fish tops big list of local environmental issues facing Virginia lawmakers

01.07.16 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation reports improved water quality in Suffolk

01.07.16 - Innovative program promotes rotational grazing in Bay area

01.07.16 - Governor's budget would help the bay, farmers

01.05.16 - Healthy Waters Round Table sets goals, priorities

01.05.16 - DEP funding gets boost, but not as much as Wolf wanted

01.04.16 - Little fish, big issues

01.03.16 - Study of sick bass in Susquehanna cites endocrine disrupters

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