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The osprey, often referred to as "fish hawk," is an iconic bird that requires a clean environment and abundant food source—primarily menhaden and other fish. CBF's Osprey Tracking Project allows students and teachers to track birds—ones they have seen during field experiences at CBF's Port Isobel Island or Arthur Sherwood education centers—from their home and classroom computers.

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On Movebank select the information icon icon to access the download (details) menu.

On Movebank select the information icon icon to access the download (details) menu.

Osprey Update

04.12.17 - Everyone is back at their Bay homes for the summer! Nick has been active at Port Isobel and Holly has joined Hackett at Holly Beach.

04.09.17 - Looks like Holly is making her trip north at a more leisurely pace than Hackett and has decided to spend some time in Virginia.

04.03.17 - Holly is back in cell tower range and should be joining Hackett at Holly Beach in a few days.

04.02.17 - Nick has arrived back at the Port Isobel Environmental Education Center on Tangier Island. Welcome back Nick!

03.31.17 - Nick and Hackett have made it to the continental U.S. and should be arriving at Port Isobel and Holly Beach soon.

03.30.17 - Holly is still out of tracking range. She likes to stop in the Dominican Republic so she may be taking a break there for a bit.

03.28.17 - Hackett is back within tracking range! See you in Maryland soon Hackett.

03.25.17 - Nick has gotten out of cell tower range but should show up further north shortly.

03.21.17 - Looks like Nick is starting to head north as well.

03.18.17 - Holly may have gotten out of cell tower range, we’ll keep watching for her to pop back up further north.

03.15.17 - Holly is on the move and has started her journey north.

02.10.17 - Holly and Nick seem to be enjoying their time in Brazil and Columbia, respectively. We're looking forward to seeing them head north soon.

10.17.16 - Bem vindo ao Brasil Holly! See you in the spring.

10.12.16 - Nick made it through the hurricane and to Colombia. Have a great winter Nick!

10.05.16 - Safe travels Nick! Looks like he's headed right for Hurricane Matthew.

09.26.16 - Holly has stopped transmitting in the Dominican Republic but it's quite likely she's just out of cell tower range as well.

09.10.16 - Looks like Hackett has dropped off the map in Florida. Hopefully we'll see him again in the spring.

08.29.16 - Holly's on the move now, too. Nick still looks quite comfortable staying put.

08.27.16 - Temperatures are still in the 80s here but the birds know fall is on the way. Hackett started south today.

05.03.16 - A pair of osprey nesting on Holly Beach Farm on Whitehall Bay have joined our local tracking team.

04.22.16 - It has been decided to leave Quin alone and not stress him with recapture to remove the transmitter. Thanks for the memories, Quin!

04.13.16 - Update on Quin. His transmitter seems to be on the blink, as he has been spotted on his nest! The tracking team is deciding whether to remove the transmitter or replace it. We'll let you know what's decided.

03.24.16 - Quin has reached Florida. He seems to be taking the trip leisurely compared with Nick.

03.23.16 - Quin is finally heading north.

03.21.16 - Landfall Florida! Nick's really making time. How long do you think it will take him to get home to Tangier?

03.19.16 - Nick is heading out over the Caribbean and heading north!

03.15.16 - Quin has finally appeared in Cuba.

03.04.16 - The weather is warming up, osprey sightings are popping up around the Bay, and we expect to see the boys heading north soon. Quin is off the map again this winter. We expect he's wintering in Cuba.

09.19.15 - Nick is on his way south

06.24.15 - Osprey chicks are starting to hatch. Some are about a week old now.

03.24.15 - We missed his initial travels but Quin has re-appeared in Florida. Looks as if he was wintering in Cuba. Crabby started his trek home about a week ago and has made it to Curacao. Bets on how long it takes him to reach Maryland?

03.16.15 - Well, we have four osprey settling in at the Merrill Center in Annapolis, but it looks like Nick, Woody, and Crabby got the word about our long winter and have decided to stay down south a bit longer. No sign of Quin, but it's quite likely he's just out of cell tower range.

01.04.15 - Nick is back! Due to technical difficulties, it appeared he had fallen off the map. Now we're again collecting data on his location.

10.24.14 - Nick seems to be off the radar. We are all hoping for the best.


This map automatically zooms to a level that will show all of the data points currently available for the bird's travels. As the bird flies farther the territory shown will increase.

About the Data: GSM data is recorded every few minutes. To download a spreadsheet of the GSM data, use the links in the map key.

Navigate: Click and drag the map to pan or use the arrow toggle in the upper left corner.

Zoom: Drag the zoom slider up or down to zoom in or out incrementally. Double-click a location to zoom in on that location.

Layers: Select the Map or Satellite layer to change the view. When you mouse over the Satellite button an option will appear to show Labels (location and road names).

To view data for a particular bird:

  1. Find the colored trail associated with the bird you want to follow.
  2. To view data:

    1. Click on the colored track. You will see a black-outlined circle appear at the closest location with recorded data.
    2. Click on the circle for an information bubble showing the bird's name, date, time, and latitude and longitude recorded at that time. You will also see the date change in the calendar at the top center of the map.
    3. Click and drag the circle to see data for other locations on the trail.

    As a rule of thumb, use the map to gain a general understanding of the bird's activities, and download the GSM data for specifics.


Check out our video of the May 2016 tagging of Holly and Hackett.

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