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Headshot of Otis Jones.
Otis S. Jones (Chair)
Chesterfield, Virginia

Headshot of Ann Pelham.
Ann Pelham (Vice Chair)
Chevy Chase, Maryland

Headshot Hilary Falk.
Hilary Harp Falk (President & CEO)
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Annapolis, Maryland

Headshot of Tola Sanni.
Tola Sanni (Treasurer)
Alan R. Griffith Chair
Chief Financial Officer
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Annapolis, Maryland

Headshot of William Agee.
William A. Agee (Secretary)
Vice President, Administration
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Annapolis, Maryland



Headshot of Marnie Abramson.
Marnie Abramson

Montgomery Village, Maryland

Headshot of Dara Bachman.
Dara C. Bachman

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Headshot of R. Bruce Bradley.
R. Bruce Bradley

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Headshot of Joan Brock.
Joan P. Brock

Norfolk, Virginia

Headshot of George Clark.
George B. Clarke IV

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Headshot of Brian Cobb.
Brian Cobb

Brookeville, Maryland

Headshot of Margaret Freeman.
Margaret M. Freeman
Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Headshot of Alexandra Grayson.
Alexandra Grayson

Baltimore, Maryland/Berkeley, California

Headshot of Jennifer Green.
Jennifer E. Green
Gibson Island, Maryland

Headshot of Harry Gruner.
Harry S. Gruner
Baltimore, Maryland

Headshot of Ann Horner.
Ann D. Horner
Charlottesville, Virginia

Headshot of Robert Kinsley.
Robert A. Kinsley II
York, Pennsylvania

Headshot of Jonathan D. Manekin.
Jonathan D. Manekin
Ruxton, Maryland

Headshot of Anne Mehringer.
Anne Mehringer
Bethesda, Maryland

Headshot of Mamie Parker, Ph.D.
Mamie A. Parker, Ph.D.
Dulles, Virginia

Headshot of Crystal Patterson.
Crystal Patterson
Washington, D.C.

Headshot of Nick Pomponi.
Nick Pomponi
Bethesda, Maryland

Headshot of Samara Pyfrom.
Samara Pyfrom
Davidsonville, Maryland

Headshot of Christa Riepe.
Christa Riepe
West Chester, Pennsylvania

Headshot of Nathaniel Rose.
Nathaniel J. Rose
Annapolis, Maryland

Headshot of Kathryn Gilchrist Simpson.
Kathryn Gilchrist Simpson
Harwood, Maryland

Headshot of J. Sedwick Sollers, III.
J. Sedwick Sollers III
Lutherville, Maryland

Headshot of Alex Ward.
J. Alex Ward
Bethesda, Maryland

Headshot of Denice Heller Wardrop.
Denice Heller Wardrop
Annapolis, Maryland/State College, Pennsylvania

Headshot of Preston White.
Preston M. White
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Headshot of Robert Whitescarver.
Robert N. Whitescarver

Churchville, Virginia

Headshot of Stephen Wolf.
Stephen M. Wolf
Easton, Maryland



Headshot of Donald Boesch, Ph.D.
Donald F. Boesch, Ph.D.
Annapolis, Maryland

Headshot of George Bunting, Jr.
George L. Bunting Jr.
Monkton, Maryland

Headshot of W. Russell Byers Jr.
W. Russell G. Byers Jr.
Locust Valley, New York
Ligonier, Pennsylvania

Headshot of D. Keith Campbell.
D. Keith Campbell
Towson, Maryland

Headshot of Michael Chiaramonte.
Michael J. Chiaramonte
Alexandria, Virginia

Headshot of Louisa Duemling.
Louisa C. Duemling
Washington, D.C.

Headshot of Richard Franyo.
Richard L. Franyo
Annapolis, Maryland

Headshot of Alan Griffith.
Alan R. Griffith
Centreville, Maryland

Headshot of Carolyn Groobey.
Carolyn Groobey
Annapolis, Maryland

Headshot of Ann Fritz Hackett.
Ann Fritz Hackett
McLean, Virginia

Headshot of Porter Hopkins.
C. A. Porter Hopkins
Cambridge, Maryland

Headshot of Gaylon Layfield, III.
T. Gaylon Layfield, III
Richmond, Virginia

Headshot of Harry Lester.
Harry T. Lester
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Headshot of Byron Marchant.
Byron F. Marchant
Annapolis, Maryland

Headshot of Lee Marston.
M. Lee Marston
Severna Park, Maryland

Headshot of Wayne Mills.
Wayne A. Mills
Ft. Pierce, Florida

Headshot of Pamela Murphy.
Pamela B. Murphy
Washington, D.C.

Headshot of Elizabeth Oliver Farrow.
Elizabeth Oliver-Farrow
Chevy Chase, Maryland

Headshot of Arnold Richman.
Arnold I. Richman
Baltimore, Maryland

Headshot of Marie Ridder.
Marie W. Ridder
McLean, Virginia

Headshot of James Rogers.
James E. Rogers
Richmond, Virginia

Headshot of Truman Semans.
Truman T. Semans
Baltimore, Maryland

Headshot of Simon Sidamon-Eristoff.
Simon Sidamon-Eristoff
Washington, D.C.

Headshot of Jennifer Stanley.
Jennifer Stanley
Oxford, Maryland

Headshot of Bishop Eugene Taylor Sutton.
Bishop Eugene Taylor Sutton
Baltimore, Maryland

Headshot of Alan Wurtzel.
Alan L. Wurtzel
Washington, D.C.


Last updated March 18, 2024

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