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Hello osprey...and geese fans! Welcome to our nest cam. This penthouse overlooking our Merrill Center headquarters and the beautiful Bay was waiting for ospreys to take up residence. Instead we got geese this year!

Last year, a young osprey couple called this nest their home and even produced some eggs. Unfortunately, those eggs were consumed by a crow when left unattended. As you can imagine, CBF staff and supporters were eagerly awaiting the osprey return this year. However, before the osprey could lay claim to their nest, a pair of resident population Canada Geese took possession of the nest. On Wednesday, April 5th, mother goose laid three eggs. 

Keep your eyes on the cam above for an intimate look into the daily lives of these geese. Please remember that this is no Disney film! Nature can be a cruel place, but it is our policy not to interfere with anything that goes on in the nest. We also will use our discretion to turn off the cameras at any time should we choose. 

Interested in learning more about osprey that call the Chesapeake region home - perhaps, just not this nest this year? Listen in to our podcast, read our blog, watch our osprey tagging video, visit our osprey tracking map to watch them migrate, or check out our critter cam map showing many of the cams around our region!

A screenshot from spring 2016 of an osprey with her egg.

Big thanks to BGE for helping us build this osprey platform and install a web cam so that osprey lovers like you might enjoy it. BGE also asks that their customers help them protect ospreys and continue safe and reliable delivery of electricity by letting them know of nests on or near utility equipment by emailing ospreywatch@bge.com. A trained crew will be dispatched to shield the birds from equipment or relocate the nest. 


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