Defending the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint on the Eastern Shore


One of CBF's primary goals in recent years has been to show unfailing support for strong, clearly defined, and detailed state Watershed Implementation Plans (WIPs) to achieve the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint. On the Eastern Shore specifically, our staff has worked tirelessly to rally support for strong local plans and ensure that they are effective in restoring our waters and Bay.

Our efforts have included the following.

  • CBF is the Maryland Choose Clean Water Coalition's (CCWS) lead on the Eastern Shore, acting as a conduit for information sharing and generally supporting CCWC efforts. Since then, CBF has contributed to the development and release of Local Progress Barometers of WIP efforts, which provide analysis of local WIP submissions, press coverage, jurisdiction accountability, and opportunities for peer learning among counties.
  • CBF is an active participant on WIP Stakeholder Teams in Dorchester, Talbot, and Queen Anne's Counties and supports local WIP activities across the Shore.
  • CBF meets with local officials and elected representatives to stress the importance of clean water and the support of strong Watershed Implementation Plans (WIPs). 
  • In Dorchester County specifically, CBF has rallied community support for strong plans and accountable actions in achieving the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint in the form of public comments and attendance at public hearings.
  • CBF convened 13 conservation partners to offer "Clear Voices-Clean Water Call to Action," a citizen-activist training. More than 60 citizens from across Maryland's Eastern Shore participated.
  • Finally, CBF has formed strong partnerships with fellow environmental groups on the Shore such as Queen Anne's Conservation Association, the Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, Talbot Preservation Alliance, and others to support clean water efforts across all nine counties of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

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