Jonas Green Reef Video

As more of our oyster restoration partners get involved in oyster gardening, CBF continues to be the model which others follow.

With respect to oyster gardening we are trying to bring the entire process to the public's and gardener's eye by finding suitable reef locations that are easily accessible by boat and visible from land. On the warm sunny Friday afternoon of October 7, 2011, a new oyster reef was seeded (with 1.4 million "spat"--or baby oysters--planted on 16 tons of base shell) underneath the Jonas Green fishing pier on the Severn River.

This location will enhance the 3-D habitat below the pier thus drawing more fish to the area as well as allowing fisherman, gardeners, and people visiting the park to witness yearling "spat" being planted on that reef in the future. Take a few moments to watch the video clip of Karl Willey captain of CBF's Patricia Campbell masterfully navigate the pier as the deck crew (Dan Johannes, Lloyd Lewis, Jim Ridgell, and Joe Ports) planted an even layer of oysters that will help filter the Bay.

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