Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint

About the Blueprint

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    What is the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint?

    Most experts consider the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint the Chesapeake Bay's best, and perhaps last, chance for real restoration.

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    Current & Future Challenges

    As the Bay jurisdictions start work on the third and final iteration of their clean-up plans, additional challenges need to be taken into consideration, including the impacts of climate change, regulatory rollbacks, and the lost pollution-trapping capacity at the Conowingo Dam.

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    The History of Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Efforts

    A history of the effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay and implement the Clean Water Blueprint.

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    2020 State of the Blueprint

    The historic Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint is our last, best chance to save the Bay and achieve the fishable, swimmable waters guaranteed by the Clean Water Act. Its success is critical to our region’s health, economy, outdoor heritage, and quality of life.

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    2017 Maryland Midpoint Assessment

    Maryland has achieved its overall 2017 goals for phosphorus and sediment, but still falls short on nitrogen reductions.

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    2017 Virginia Midpoint Assessment

    Virginia has achieved its overall 2017 goals for nitrogen and phosphorus reduction, but not for sediment.

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    2017 Pennsylvania Midpoint Assessment

    Pennsylvania has missed its overall 2017 goals for reducing nitrogen and sediment by wide margins, but came close for phosphorus.

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    2017 Midpoint Assessment

    A critical piece of the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint is tracking state progress towards goals.

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    Maryland's Blueprint for Clean Water

    Maryland is currently on track to meet its overall pollution-reduction targets by 2025, due mostly to investments in better farm management practices and wastewater treatment technology. However, pollution from urban and suburban development and the impacts of climate change challenge the long-term health of Maryland’s waterways.

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