Chillin’ in the Water as They’re Filter Feedin’

CBF's Virginia Oyster Restoration Manager, Jackie Shannon, performing her original Oyster Rap!

Well listen all y’all to what I’m 'bout to say
It’s time we get together to Save the Bay
With a creature that’s been around for thousands of millennia
It goes by the name Crassotrea Virginica

Some people eat 'em
The Bay really need 'em
They’re chillin’ in the water as they’re filter feedin’
Dermo and MSX tried to defeat 'em
So now we build the reefs and then we re-seed 'em

There are so many rad things oysters do
Reefs are habitat for an underwater zoo
With gobies, blennies, oyster toad fish,
Crabs and eels and worms and shrimp
You say you have a hard time believing this?
You can trust me I’m a specialist

I’m like when the water’s warm oysters like to spawn
We’re setting spat on shell till the break of break of dawn
When the water’s cold our rhymes stay bold
'Cause we’re broadcasting live from Chesapeake Gold

So go and spread this message all across the nation
About a funky new science called "oyster restoration"

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