The Incredible Oyster Reef

Most of us who love the Chesapeake Bay know that oysters once existed in storied numbers in an earlier time, long before poor water quality, disease, and harvesting nearly put an end to them. This film explores oysters as a keystone species with a remarkable, and it seems, indispensable ability to heal the Bay’s troubled waters.


More About Oysters

  • Eastern Oysters

    The iconic Chesapeake Bay mollusk plays an important role in the Bay ecosystem, as well as the local seafood industry.


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Podcasts & Videos

  • All About Oyster Gardening

    Find out all about oyster gardening along the Chesapeake Bay! CBF oyster gardeners raise baby oysters in wire cages hung off waterfront docks and care for them for a year until they can be planted on sanctuary reefs.

  • Who Lives on an Oyster Reef?

    Oyster reefs create vital habitat for more than 300 species of Chesapeake Bay critters. Meet 10 of our favorites in this animated video.

  • How Do CBF's Oyster Restoration Barges Work?

    This one-of-a-kind mobile oyster nursery allows the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to restore the Bay’s oyster population more efficiently than ever.

  • Oyster Restoration Success in the City

    Norfolk’s Lafayette River was once polluted, but thanks to work by CBF, the Elizabeth River Project, and other partners, the river is now better known for successful oyster restoration.

  • The Oyster Path at CBF’s Brock Environmental Center

    Visit this fascinating walking path of interpretive signs on the grounds of CBF’s Brock Environmental Center or take the video tour.

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