To All Who Save the Bay

Restoring the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers and streams can seem an enormous task. But you've never shirked from it. For more than 50 years, generations have joined together with a single purpose: Save the Bay. Thousands upon thousands of you have cared for it—students, teachers, farmers, anglers, hunters, gardeners, scientists, advocates, members, and so many more. You've marched for it. You've given your time, sweat, energy, resources, and absolute love to it. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. We have a steep road ahead, but we know you won't give up, and neither will we. Together, we will Save the Bay.


[marsh and open water] There was a time the Bay was dying.

[men placing reef balls in the water] But you wouldn’t let it.

[hand holding sign "No More Delay EPA"] There was a time they said it couldn’t be saved.

[person placing protective tube around a tree sapling] But you knew better.

[thick grassy marsh] There was a time many felt like giving up.

[farmer planting seedling] But you kept going.

[boy hammering support stake next to tree] You planted trees.

[woman at podium with students holding signs in the background] You signed petitions.

[woman planting tree seedling] You cared for the soil

[man looking at camera with river behind him] and protected streams

[men shovel oysters onto conveyor on restoration boat] and rebuilt oyster reefs.

[man rowing in sunset] You loved this place we call the Chesapeake.

[osprey catching a fish] Loved its creatures

[farmer tending young plants] and its farmers

[watermen processing catch on the dock at end of day] and its watermen.

[smiling man with fishing pole] Loved the salt marshes

[people canoeing on river past a forest] and the forests

[waterman at sunset with heavy storm clouds] and the storm-tossed horizons.

[young people in a river waving fish nets] You loved it so much, there was no question.

[fisherman heading to sea in a deadrise boat] When asked what you would do

You said, “Save the Bay.”

[Havana Mullaly, CBF Student Leader] And together we will.

[text] To all who save the Bay, thank you.

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