Frequently Asked Questions About CBF's Federal Affairs Program

Q. What is CBF trying to accomplish with its federal affairs work?
A. CBF is working to defend and implement the Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Blueprint.

Q. How is CBF doing it?
A. In 1972, Congress set a goal to ensure our nation's rivers and streams are fishable and swimmable in the Clean Water Act. The Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Blueprint (known legally as the TMDL and state WIPs) is a direct result of this statute. Through our federal office, we defend this legislative and regulatory structure and promote policies and legislation that help states and localities implement the Clean Water Blueprint..

Q. Is CBF lobbying at the federal level?
A. Sometimes. We are careful to stay within the rules for legal and ethical activities for our kind of nonprofit organization. More often, what we do is not considered to be lobbying. Rather, we are providing information and assistance to Congress and other federal policymakers.

Q. Is federal affairs work new for CBF?
A. CBF has been working closely with Members of Congress since the organization was created in 1967 and has had federal affairs staff and on office in DC since 2001.

Q. What are CBF's federal priorities?
A. Our priorities are to protect the Clean Water Blueprint and ensure states and localities have the federal resources they need to implement it. Federal agencies provide critical policy, science, conservation and infrastructure programs and funding to Bay states as they work to clean up the Bay and the rivers and streams that feed it. They also ensure the work gets done through regulation and enforcement.

Q. Are CBF's federal advocacy efforts partisan?
A. Absolutely not. Members of Congress from both political parties are interested in helping the Bay. Both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate and in Congress have been champions of federal assistance to the Bay. We reach out to everyone regardless of political party to find common ground.

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