Brooke Newton

Virginia Watershed Environmental Education Program (VWEEP) Co-Manager

Tenure:  March 2005- September 2015,  September 2018-Present

Education:  University of North Carolina, Wilmington Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science with a concentration on River Ecology

Prior Experience:

  • Upper James River Educator at James River Association
  • Virginia Canoe Program Educator at Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Education Philosophy:  "Education is a rare thing in life, you can think you know so much about so many things and then every experience you have outside will offer new understandings as long as you are ready to keep your eyes open and appreciate every gift nature gives you. I feel outdoor education is one of the most important themes children and adults alike can immerse themselves into. In order to create that burning passion for something- anything really, you have to start somewhere. It may be as small as your backyard, or as enormous as an ocean, but with this well-tended, newly-planted seed; your fear, discomfort and anxiety of new things will fade away and turn into a deep desire to learn, grasp, understand and become a natural steward of all things small and vast. The real beauty of teaching is that you are also always a student."

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