Turning the Tide

Welcome to Turning the Tide, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's podcast that ran from March 2015 to September 2018. Join President Will Baker and guests as they share with you their thoughts on what it will really take to turn the tide—to restore our Bay and its rivers and streams.



  • We're Taking a Breather

    Everyone needs to take time once in a while to sit back, take a breath, and think about the future. "Turning the Tide" is going on hiatus to do just that. We look forward to returning with a fresh new format to provide you with an even better perspective on the progress being made to turn the tide and save the Chesapeake Bay. In the meantime, please browse our archive below.

  • Worth Repeating: Trees: The Oysters of the Land

    CBF President Will Baker and Baltimore Tree Trust Executive Director Dan Millender discuss the environmental, economic, and cultural benefits of trees.

  • Worth Repeating: This Bay Is Going to Set Me Free

    CBF President Will Baker chats with Ray Langston, longtime resident and former mayor of Highland Beach, Maryland, a Bay-front community with a proud history and a bright future.

  • Do You Speak Dolphin?

    In this episode, CBF President Will Baker talks with CBF’s resident dolphin geek Maryland Scientist Doug Myers about the increase of dolphins in the Chesapeake Bay.

  • Worth Repeating: Eating Local at Gertrude’s Restaurant

    CBF President Will Baker and John Shields—cookbook author, TV chef, and owner of Baltimore's Gertrude's Restaurant—discuss the virtues of eating local in the Chesapeake Bay region.

  • Feeling At Home

    In this episode, CBF President Will Baker welcomes EPA's former Obama-appointed Acting Deputy Administrator Lisa Feldt as CBF's new Vice President for Environmental Protection and Restoration.

  • Signs of Encouragement

    In this episode, CBF President Will Baker and Maryland Fisheries Scientist Allison Colden discuss recent news about the state of blue crabs and oyster restoration in the Chesapeake Bay.

  • Learning from Each Other

    In this episode, CBF President Will Baker talks with Chanté Coleman, Choose Clean Water Coalition Director, about the challenges of running a coalition organization and how members benefit.

  • Are We On Track?

    In this episode, CBF President Will Baker and Dr. Beth McGee, CBF’s Director of Science and Agriculture Policy, assess progress in pollution reduction at the halfway mark in the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint.

  • Worth Repeating: Grasses = Crabs

    In this episode, CBF President Will Baker sits down with longtime CBF staffer Bart Jaeger to talk about the relationship between underwater grasses and the Bay’s blue crab population.

  • Parachutes for the Planet

    CBF Student Bay Advisory Council Member Kallan Benson, Parachutes for the Planet, and the Mother Earth Project work to give youth a voice on climate change.

  • Clean Water Grows on Trees

    Announcing a new partnership to improve water quality in Pennsylvania and the Bay.

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