• The Proper Way to Eat an Oyster

    Johnny Shockley of Hooper's Island Oyster Co. shows step-by-step how to eat an oyster.

  • How to Shuck an Oyster

    Champion Oyster Shucker Deborah Pratt from Virginia’s Middle Peninsula demonstrates her unique lip-shucking method to open an oyster.

  • How to Plant a Bare Root Tree Seedling

    To make sure your bare root seedlings get a great head start, watch this step-by-step tutorial by Matt Kowalski, CBF's Virginia Watershed Restoration Scientist.

  • The Watershed Journey of A Raindrop

    Watch the journey of Rio the Raindrop as it falls to the land near the Appalachian Mountains and travels through various streams and rivers on its way downhill to the Chesapeake Bay. Along the route, Rio, like other raindrops, is affected by pollution as well as natural filters that make the water cleaner.

  • Nutrient Scavenger Hunt

    In this video, join CBF Educators Maya, Ochae, and Nate as they scour their neighborhoods looking for sources of nutrient pollutants and the methods used to reduce them.

  • Freshwater Stream Health

    CBF Pennsylvania Educator Doug Walters explores a tributary stream and discusses how to evaluate its health.

  • Springtime in the Watershed

    Retired CBF Senior Naturalist John Page Williams shows us how the world wakes up this time of year.

  • Riparian Buffers and Clean Water

    Riparian buffers are an important tool to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. Watch as CBF Field Educator Liz Yocom details how riparian buffers can improve stream health.

  • COVID-19's Impact on Chesapeake Aquaculture

    Oyster growers around the Chesapeake Bay have been among the many businesses hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn about why it’s a particularly bad time of year for sales to stop and how to still get local oysters during this crisis.

  • Oyster Filtering Power

    See for yourself how oysters make the water clearer. After watching it, use our Oyster Power Worksheet to figure out your family’s water usage and calculate how many oysters you’d need to filter that amount of water.

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