9 Reasons Spring Is Amazing


A father and his young children plant a tree at Holly Beach Farm.

Nikki Davis

As if you needed a reason . . . longer and warmer days, blue blue skies, birds and insects and flowers just waking up to the world. All this makes spring pretty great. And with a prolonged winter like the one we've just suffered through, this just makes it even greater. Still, we thought we'd take a moment to celebrate all there is to love about this incredible season. Here are nine reasons: 

  1. 10 Billion Oysters! Yep, you heard that number right. Just a few weeks ago, a coalition of non-profits (including CBF), community organizations, oyster growers, and others came together in a commitment to add 10 billion new oysters to the Bay by 2025. Why oysters? There are about 10 billion reasons why oysters are amazing for our environment and economy. Just take a look here. We're thrilled to be part of this ambitious effort. Find out how you can be, too.
  2. Taking pictures! Spring's early morning light, sweetbay magnolias stretching their newly blooming branches to the sky, a river's still, quiet surface just before twilight—these moments can inspire even the most photographically uninclined individuals. And what better way to showcase these images than through our Save the Bay Photo Contest! Though closed to submissions, Viewers' Choice Voting starts Monday, April 16.

  3. The return of familiar friends like the osprey! Every spring, these quintessential Chesapeake birds travel thousands of miles to return to the same nests, where they reunite with their mate, breed, and fish for menhaden. Often called the "osprey garden," the Chesapeake Bay has the most concentrated population of osprey in the world! And now you can watch them from the comfort of your own screen (though they're much better in person) through our Osprey Web Cam! Recently our web cam nest was claimed by a pair of geese, who are equally entertaining. 

  4. Strawberries! Our sustainable Clagett Farm bursts with life every spring, including the juiciest, sweetest strawberries you've ever tasted. Learn more about our farm and how you can get your hands on some of these life-altering strawberries, by joining our CSA and more.

  5. Learning outside!  Each spring, thousands of students and teachers come out with us to learn about the Bay and its waters and how they can help them. We've still got spots available on some of our programs—learn more here.

  6. Planting trees! Remember your childlike self (and do something amazing for the Bay and its rivers at the same time) by digging in the dirt and planting a tree. Check out some of the plantings we're hosting in Maryland over the next few weeks and take a look at our events calendar for other volunteer opportunities.

  7. Earth Day! Though we like to think every day is Earth Day, this special day (April 22) reminds us how fragile, beautiful, and all-important our planet is. Read on for an oldie but a goodie on the origins of Earth Day.

  8. Sailing and boating! Is there anything better than that first day out on the water . . . when the air isn't so numbingly cold and the wind on your face is refreshing rather than chilling? We can't wait for spring days out on the water—join us for one of our Bay Discovery trips!

  9. Clean the Bay Day Turns 30! Wow! And it's sort of freaking out about how old it is 😊. Taking place the first Saturday in June, this annual event rallies thousands of Virginians together on one day to clean up the Commonwealth's shorelines. Learn more about this awesome day and sign up here.

Emmy Nicklin

Emmy Nicklin

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