What’s Your Chesapeake Bay Sign?

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An osprey soars across a blue sky with his latest catch.

Dane Madsen

Throw those traditional astrological animal signs out the window—we have your new Chesapeake Bay spirit animals! If it's your zodiacs time of year, did you know you can donate your birthday to CBF on Facebook? Suns not in your zodiac just yet? Take action to protect these Bay critters by taking the Save the Bay Pledge!


March 21-April 19

Traits: Brave, Independent, assertive, impulsive, hates to be restricted

In astrology, Aries is usually connected to the ram—but here in the Chesapeake Bay, you're the osprey. You're a natural born leader who is brave and independent. Like the male osprey that makes his way back up the their Chesapeake Bay nest first, you're not afraid to take initiative, so go ahead and collect those sticks (or newspapers) to make your summer home nice and cozy! Despite your hard exterior, you're incredibly compassionate. Much like the osprey, you value your relationships above anything else—don't you know osprey return to the same spot in the Chesapeake Bay region every year to meet up with their mates? 


April 20-May 20

Traits: Good taste, sensual, down-to-earth, pleasure-seeking, stubborn

You may be compared to the bull at times, but here in the Bay, you're the red fox. Not only do you have good taste (I mean, talk about some of the best hair in the animal kingdom!), but you're also extremely strategic, resourceful, and very witty. Those red-headed tendencies—like your stubborn nature—sometimes shine through, though. You need to learn how to be humble and not give in to your over-demanding nature.


May 21-June 20

Traits: Dynamic, many talents, likes games, two-faced, mischievous

No twins here in the Chesapeake Bay, so you're the river otter! Much like river otters, you're energetic, witty, and very intelligent. You're also not afraid to have a little fun to get a laugh! You tend to be impatient, moody, and mischievous, but your amazing charisma and personality outweigh these negative traits and draw people to you.


June 21-July 22

Traits: Sensitive, friend-oriented, practical, hates to argue, forgive but doesn't forget

Yes, we know Cancers are always linked to the crab, but here in the Bay, we found an animal that fits you a little better: the Eastern oyster! Cancers make excellent parents or caregivers because they have a deep sense of home, and the Eastern oyster is the epitome of a caregiver to the Bay's waters! Much like the Bay's oysters, you're sensitive and friend-oriented (have you seen an oyster reef?), but while it's easy for you to forgive, it's not as easy for you to forget—after all, Eastern oysters are still trying to rebound from historic overfishing here in the Bay.


July 23-August 22

Traits: Creative, popular, faithful, dominating, too much pride

Just like the Leo, the diamondback terrapin is popular—you are the Maryland state reptile after all. You have the tendency to appear arrogant and egotistical, though those close to you know you're often insecure (not that you hide in your shell too much). You're loyal, but when hurt, that hard shell breaks and you can become vindictive and egotistical.


August 23-September 22

Traits: Successful, creative, likes to please, clever, can lead others on

You're methodical, hardworking, and incredibly intelligent, but you can also be very modest and shy—when's the last time you saw a black bear in the Chesapeake Bay region? Much like the American black bear, you're known for being impatient and having quite the temper if pushed hard enough. At your best, you're very generous and loving (please don't try to find a loving black bear), but you must be careful of being too reclusive and lazy.


September 23-October 22

Traits: Irresistible, adventurous, lavish, indecisive, complicated love life

To many around the Chesapeake Bay region, you are irresistible. That's why you're the blue crab. You enjoy nice things, like all the clean Bay grasses that have rebounded over the past few years that you call home. But your adventurous nature makes for a complicated love life—you're born in Virginia but live in Maryland? You're too indecisive to choose—so which state gets to claim you as their own?


October 23-November 21

Traits: Self-reliant, powerful, wise, dominant, secretive

You're incredibly self-reliant, a symbol of power across the country, but also very secretive—you're the bald eagle. If others can earn your trust, you're very funny, helpful, and passionate. But at your worst, you can be a touch too violent, and you've been known to have mood swings. But keep flying high, bald eagle—there's a reason you're the national bird and Tom the turkey isn't.


November 22-December 21

Traits: Open-minded, achiever, loving, insensitive, cold

Just like the tundra swan, you're driven and passionate but also quite hard to nail down to one specific archetype. You move with the wind and can sometimes be insensitive and cold (I guess you do come from the Arctic tundra). But you are incredibly easygoing and value your relationships above all else. You're very sensitive, even though you have us all fooled that you're an independent swan that doesn't need any help from anybody.


December 22-January 19  

Traits: Hardworking, straightforward, loyal, stubborn, overly ambitious

Negative traits: Stubborn, overly ambitious 

Like a Capricorn, the beaver is a loner—but that's OK with them! Beavers are hardworking, ambitious, and driven—I mean, have you seen those beaver dams? While you're passionate and funny, you must be careful, because at your worst, you have the tendency to create obsessive or addictive behaviors (maybe your beaver dam doesn't need that extra whirlpool).


January 20-February 18

Traits: Sets trends, innovative, admired, distant, eccentric

Much like the dinosaur-era fish we all lovingly call the Atlantic sturgeon, you're quirky—just check out those boney plates instead of scales! It must come with the long ancestry, but you march to the beat of your own drum and don't care what others think about it, which can sometimes make you seem unapproachable. But once people get to know you, they realize how innovative and admired you are by so many.


February 19-March 20

Traits: Alluring, free, sensual, sensitive, can't function alone

Going from the Atlantic to the Chesapeake Bay and back again, your wandering, free nature, Pisces, makes you the Atlantic menhaden. You're alluring to so many, and you're also very sensitive. But you don't function well alone; you need your friends and family—your school—by your side. And you will earnestly try to make your relationships work to the point that you may have nothing left.

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Rebecca Long

Former Digital Engagement and Social Media Manager, CBF


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