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Join us for a professional learning adventure.  CBF is offering more than 20 courses that will explore the health of the Chesapeake Bay and local ecosystems throughout the watershed. Each of these courses provides opportunities for online collaboration, outdoor exploration, and independent discovery.  Fear not, you will not be sitting behind a computer all day! Though we will not be learning with you on boats and canoes this summer, we are able to dive into the challenge facing all educators today:  How can we make online learning about your local ecosystem interesting, engaging and meaningful?  

Courses Restricted to Specific School Districts or Geographies 

These courses have a restricted registration because they are sponsored by a particular school district or county.  Some courses are limited to participants from one geographic area.  Please see the italicized note at the bottom of the course description to learn more about the course audience.
  *If you are interested in sponsoring a district-specific course for summer 2021, please contact Click here to view Chesapeake Classrooms Courses open to all educators watershed-wide. 

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June 22-26, 2020
Anne Arundel County Art Lens
How can we deepen our understanding of ecological issues through exploring and creating art? Throughout the course, we will use art as a tool to inform our scientific and cultural studies, as well as develop creative practices to foster environmental literacy in the classroom. Teachers will investigate the resources in their communities and network with other teachers to paint a more complete picture of how our homes and schools are connected to the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The course will be conducted remotely but will incorporate outdoor, inquiry-based investigation in your yard, neighborhood or local park. Open to all Anne Arundel County Educators. Please register through MyAACPS ERO. 


July 6-10, 2020
Montgomery County: Our Neighborhood Our Watershed
Join CBF and MCPS Outdoor Environmental Education Programs for a unique professional learning opportunity as we use our schoolyards, local ecology, and Chesapeake Bay culture to develop an understanding of connections between our daily activities and the health of our waters and the Chesapeake Bay. We will build a plan for conducting Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEE) with students and culminate with the story of one well. This course is designed for MCPS upper elementary and middle school teachers who would like to gain hands-on experience with environmental investigation and learning. The course will be conducted online but will incorporate individual outdoor, inquiry-based investigation in your yard, neighborhood, or local park.
This course is designed for MCPS upper elementary and middle school teachers who would like to gain hands-on experience with environmental investigation and learning. 
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August 3-7, 2020
Connecting Montgomery County to the Chesapeake Bay Through Environmental Chemistry
Become more familiar with your local ecosystems and learn how to use them as valuable teaching tools in the teaching and learning of biology, chemistry, environmental science, and social studies! Join Chesapeake Bay Foundation and MCPS Outdoor Environmental Education Programs staff to explore current environmental problems and solutions taking place in our schoolyard habitats, local waterways, neighborhoods, and the Chesapeake Bay! This course will tackle human land-use effects on local waterways and explore strategies to bring these concepts into the classroom using a biology and chemistry lens. Participants will experience outdoor investigations that can be used with students to make environmental biology and chemistry more relevant. Teachers will have the opportunity to make connections between the sciences and create their own Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE)! This course is designed for MCPS middle and high school teachers who would like to gain hands-on experience with environmental investigation and learning. All investigations will follow CBF and public health guidelines for social distancing. 
This course is designed for MCPS middle and high school teachers who would like to gain hands-on experience with environmental investigation and learning. 
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August 10-14, 2020
Exploring the Bay and Environmental Issues in Anne Arundel County with the Equity and Justice Lens
Dive into the history and ecology of Anne Arundel County and explore unique places and resources over this five-day virtual course. We will hear from local experts as we learn to utilize different perspectives to address major topics within social and environmental issues of our past, present, and future. Our investigations will take us around the local land and waterways to explore topics such as access to food, public places, and the Chesapeake Bay. This course is open to all teachers within Anne Arundel County who bring a passion or interest in issues surrounding equity and justice within our local community. 
Open to all Anne Arundel County Educators.  Please register through MyAACPS ERO.  
This course is supported by a grant from the National Geographic Society. 
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August 4-6, 2020
Making Tree Planting Meaningful with Students 
How can you make sure your student action projects are effective and incorporated into your curriculum? Pennsylvania teachers will spend three days exploring how trees connect to clean water issues and solutions. Each day we will explore ecosystem health through water quality investigations, investigate how trees and plants reduce stormwater impact and create connections from your classroom to the watershed. We will discuss how to involve students in the process from planning to implementation and ways to connect projects into your curriculum and the Meaningful Watershed Education Experience (MWEE) framework. Each day we’ll explore tree plantings through various subject lenses to foster creativity and cross-curricular connections. Learn more about native Pennsylvania trees, how to involve your students in all planning stages, what comes after the trees are in the ground, and ways to revisit your planting throughout the school year. Tree plantings are an engaging way to empower students to make changes in their community. Join us to investigate how to create meaningful tree plantings at your school!  ACT48 credit is available for completion of the MWEE101 Course.  Successful completion of the course and final project will qualify participants for a $350 stipend. Final project specific dates and deadlines will be provided by the course leaders. 
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July 27-31, 2020 
Agricultural Practices, Food Supply, and Water Quality in Rockingham County
Would you like to earn 45 recertification points doing the first-ever virtual Chesapeake Bay Foundation online learning class? Teachers and informal educators are invited to attend. We will look at the local food supply chain, best management practices, and how to connect students to the environment, their food supply, and the Chesapeake Bay. Teachers will engage in small field experiences where they can see local agriculture in action and investigate their local waterways. Teachers throughout the week will develop a lesson or unit to incorporate into their classroom and share those units/lessons with the class so that all teachers walk away with a set of lessons or units. Teachers who attend this summer will be invited to attend a three-day experience on a Chesapeake Bay island next summer. 
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August 10-14, 2020
From Classroom to Community: Engaging Students in Their Local Watershed
Calling ALL Virginia Beach Elementary School Teachers! In these times of uncertainty, developing safe and meaningful learning experiences can be challenging, especially while we are teaching virtually. In this course we invite you to explore how to develop Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEE’s) and how to bring those hands-on experiences to students while teaching from home. We will help you cultivate an understanding of some Bay101 watershed facts, including, the importance of critters that live and thrive in our local waterways, some basic watershed information, as well as delving into our current state of the Bay. We will discover how we impact our local watersheds, and things that can be done in our backyards, community neighborhoods, and schoolyards to help improve our local tributaries, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. 
Open to all VBCPS elementary teachers. 
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