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  • Osprey At A Glance

    APPEARANCE: Ospreys are raptors with dark brown and white feathers and a white stomach.

    SIZE: Ospreys weigh two-and-a-half to four-and-a-half pounds and their wingspan can reach five to six feet.

    DIET: Fish make up almost 99 percent of the osprey's diet.

    INTERESTING FACT: The osprey is one of the most widespread birds of prey and can be found on every continent except Antarctica.



  • Osprey Tracking Project

    CBF's Osprey Tracking Project allows students and teachers to track three ospreys, one living on Virginia's Port Isobel Island and two on Holly Beach Farm in Maryland, from their home and classroom computers. The page includes lesson plans for teachers and puzzles, projects, and more for students, as well as a link to video of the tagging process. Learn More

  • Live Osprey Cam

    Welcome to our inaugural nest cam. Rather than osprey, this penthouse overlooking CBF's Merrill Center headquarters and the beautiful Bay has attracted a pair of Canada Geese taking up residence for the 2017 season. WATCH

  • Osprey Feel the Heat

    Ospreys are powerful fliers and migrate to South America for the winter. Is climate change affecting their patterns? Find out in this article from CBF's flagship magazine, Save the Bay. READ NOW

  • Moving Day for the Osprey

    Find out about "moving day" for one osprey pair at the Philip Merrill Environmental Center and see what else is up with our feathered friends on the Chesapeake Bay Foundation blog. CHECK IT OUT

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