Inspiring Environmental Education

CBF's Brock Environmental Center will be a new destination for hands-on, field-based environmental education. Pleasure House Creek, Crab Creek, the Lynnhaven River, and the Chesapeake Bay offer opportunities for significant outdoor learning experiences for thousands of students, teachers, citizens, and community leaders.

Each year, thousands of students, teachers, and administrators participate in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's award-winning programs to learn about the Chesapeake Bay watershed. By engaging in outdoor educational experiences in inspirational natural areas and on waterways, program participants can better understand and value these fragile settings that sustain us.

CBF's environmental education programs link the natural environment to human activities along the Chesapeake Bay. Our programs enable students and teachers to conduct their own research through hands-on biological sampling, chemical analysis, and physical measurements. In addition to using critical thinking skills to evaluate the health of the ecological system, participants also gain a unique perspective on the relationship between water quality, fisheries, and economics. Our courses combine many academic disciplines—earth science, biology, history, art, English/writing, math, chemistry, civics, economics, government, and responsible citizenship. As a result, students become exceptionally informed and inspired, valuing the Bay and its watershed as a living, connected system.

Pleasure House Point will be an active demonstration site for important and relevant restoration projects, including living shorelines, oyster, wetland, and other habitat restoration, and stormwater and other water quality improvement initiatives. Student-based programs will be available starting fall 2014 and teacher training has already begun on the property. To apply for these programs, go to or contact or call 800-445-5572.

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