Our Strategic Plan


2015 Goal

By 2015, the federal government with state cooperation will be fully enforcing the Clean Water Act and all other federal statutes applying to the Chesapeake Bay watershed system's environmental health and productivity. A precedent-setting program for pollution reduction will have been developed and will be enforced. Enforcing these laws and regulations will ensure the "delisting" of the Bay, the equivalent of a 40 on CBF's Health Index, because of the resulting reduction of nitrogen to 175 million pounds per year and phosphorus to 14.1 million pounds per year.


CBF will conduct an integrated, inspirational, and comprehensive campaign to empower, encourage, and facilitate citizen pressure on government to meet the vision for the Bay. Although we understand that real change must take place at the state and local levels, we believe that it is most efficient for CBF to exert primary pressure on ensuring that EPA is fulfilling its statutory duties to make the nation's waters "fishable and swimmable." If EPA enforces the law, the states will be required to meet various benchmarks, which will be accomplished only if they hold local government accountable for pollution reduction as well.


  1. Educate—CBF will educate the general public, school administrators, teachers, and students about the wonders of the Chesapeake Bay system, its historic productivity, its current challenges, and solutions to restore it to at least 40 percent of its legendary potential. Education will serve as a means to citizen engagement and behavior change.
  2. Advocate—CBF will advocate for implementation of scientifically valid solutions to pressing water-quality problems throughout the Bay system. Drawing on the beneficial results of CBF educational efforts, we will engage adults and young people in a campaign to see that good laws and regulations are developed, introduced, passed, and enforced.
  3. Litigate—CBF will use litigation strategically to expose and rectify the most egregious cases of noncompliance with environmental laws and regulations.
  4. Restore—CBF will actively engage in restoration efforts in order to provide demonstrable, specific, on-the-ground water-quality improvements and engage volunteers and decisionmakers.

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