Clagett Farm

Vegetable CSA, Grassfed Meat, and Native Tree Nursery

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A quiet moment on Clagett Farm's rolling 283 acres of organic vegetable fields and cattle and sheep pastures.

Photo Credit: © Roshani Kothari

CBF's Clagett Farm explores and exemplifies farming practices that can be truly sustainable, both economically and environmentally.

This 283-acre working farm uses regenerative agriculture practices that improve soil health and increase food and water quality. Regenerative agriculture will also be key to addressing many issues we face regarding climate change, from reducing greenhouse gases to mitigating flooding caused by more intense storms. Our climate-friendly practices help us produce food in ways that increase resilience and work with natural systems.

The farm runs a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, raising and harvesting organic vegetables. Besides serving 250 CSA shareholders, the program donates more than 30 percent of the harvest each week to our partners, the Capital Area Food Bank and Prince George’s County Food Rescue.

At Clagett Farm, we also raise both grass-fed beef cattle and sheep. These livestock help us manage our very hilly property in a natural way. We rotate our herds among many pastures, managing the impact they are having on grass and soil and shifting them to the next pasture accordingly.

We also have a native tree nursery that supports our many restoration plantings throughout the watershed.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

CSA sales are now open to the public. Purchase yours today!

We raise a wide variety of organic vegetables and strive to provide our food to people of all income levels. Our vegetables are for sale to the public through our community supported agriculture (CSA) program.

Shareholders are able to purchase shares starting in the winter and then pick up their vegetables when the season starts. We strive to serve those of all income levels with different options for incorporating the program into your budget.

Roughly 20 acres of the 283-acre regenerative farm is dedicated to our vegetable operation. From May through November, we need volunteers to help plant, weed, and harvest. See our Volunteering page for details.

From the Ground Up

For more than 30 years, Clagett Farm has provided fresh free and reduced-price produce to people living in poverty and near-poverty within our surrounding communities through the From the Ground Up project. The project, a collaboration with Capital Area Food Bank and PGC Food Rescue, Clagett donates directly to Shabach! and several other food pantries located throughout Prince George's County. The program blends local, sustainable organic agriculture with social justice.

Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb

Interested in purchasing? See what's currently available.

Our grass-fed beef and lamb are for sale to the public. Grass-fed meats are delicious and healthy—no GMO's, no antibiotics, and no hormones. They also have a healthy balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, are high in vitamins and conjugated linoleic acids, and are low in saturated fats. Pasture-raised meats are climate-friendly, improve soil health, and strengthen the local economy.

Native Tree Nursery

Clagett Farm provides roughly 7,500 potted native trees and shrubs each year for restoration plantings throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed as well as for purchase by the public. These trees and shrubs will be nurtured in the nursery for one or two years before they are planted in their forever homes as buffers, eventually growing to provide important habitat for wildlife and aquatic species, stabilize stream banks against erosion, and help keep rivers cool in summer. We need volunteers from spring through fall to help pot and tend our trees. Check our Event Calendar for scheduled volunteer days. Visit our online Farm Store to see what we have available for sale (pickup only).

Supporting Local Farmers

CBF shares the sustainable, regenerative farming expertise practiced at Clagett Farm with other farmers throughout the watershed through a number of collaborative initiatives.

Maryland Grazers Network

Through the Maryland Grazers Network, dairy farmers like Myron Martin and Ron Holter are proving that sustainable farming can help increase profits. Developed by Clagett Farm and led by CBF Maryland Restoration Scientist Rob Schnabel, the network is a mentorship program. It provides farmers with technical assistance and expertise, financial management, marketing, and funding to help them transition to grass-fed livestock..

Mountains-to-Bay Grazing Alliance

Thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Mountains-to-Bay Grazing Alliance provides farmers with information, resources, and assistance to expand livestock grazing efforts in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Million Acre Challenge

The Million Acre Challenge helps Maryland farmers build soil health, increase farm profitability, and improve water quality—while making farms resilient and active in the face of climate change. This farmer-focused collaborative uses soil health science, economics, education, and incentives to achieve its goal to achieve one million agricultural acres in Maryland using healthy soil techniques by 2030.

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