Brock Environmental Education Program


Students head back to the Brock Environmental Center after a field experience on the water.

Prakash Patel

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The Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Brock Environmental Education Land Program is an active educational experience that gives students the opportunity to investigate and explore the Lynnhaven River to learn about its connection to the Chesapeake Bay. Participants will discover the complex relationships between land-use practices and the Chesapeake Bay by exploring Pleasure House Point and CBF's Brock Environmental Center, a certified Living Building Challenge™ building and one of the greenest buildings in the world! Participants will sample for aquatic life biodiversity and perform water-quality tests to further their understanding of the health of their local environment. They will learn about the effects of human activities on the estuary, local ecosystem health, and system dynamics.

CBF's one-day, hands-on field curricula are tailored to suit group dynamics, available time, and weather conditions. Our activities are designed to correlate to the Virginia SOLs, to help teachers get the most out of our programs. Our goal is to actively engage students and promote higher order thinking skills for problem solving.

For grades four and up. Program capacity is 30 participants which includes students and chaperones.

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